Video: Giroud top five goals for Arsenal

Giroud stunners over the years


Olivier Giroud joined Arsenal in 2012 and since then has scored 100 goals for the Gunners. Arsene Wenger brought hi from Montpellier, who was scoring goals for fun in the Ligue 1. Initially life was difficult for him, but no one can deny that Giroud has grown in statures and has been a success at Arsenal.



Giroud has been one of the most underrated players at Arsenal since his arrival at the club. He has been often criticized and has been the target of supporters’ rage, but the fact is that he has scored 100 goals quicker than Robin Van Persie did. The tall, lanky striker has shut the mouth of both his Arsenal and French critics through his goalscoring performances. Arsene Wenger has been an admirer of him and slowly but certainly Giroud has grown in statures at Arsenal. Despite of Lacazette’s arrival this season he has intended to stay at the Emirates and fight for his place.


Over the years, Giroud has netted some tremendous goals for the Gunners and some of them have been editor’s collection and jawd ropping.

Today we will have a recap Giroud’s top 5 goals for Arsenal in the Premier League.

5. vs Manchester United: It was for a lost cause though, Giroud came on as a late substitute in a match Gunners were trailing by two goals. It was his first touch and the Frenchman produced an atrocious volley that had enough power to beat De Gea, sadly it was too late.


4. vs Crystal Place: Gunners were under pressure as they lost the opening match against The Hammers. Ozil picked up a pass for Olivier which was behind him, but no problem, Giroud adjusted his posture and managed to volley home another stunning goal.


3. vs Liverpool: A see saw battle against Liverpool at Anfield. It was a goal in the counter attack when Bellerin gave the ball to Campbell, Joel passed it to Olivier. The French striker turned exquisitely and curled it to the far corner leaving the keeper without any chance.


2. vs West Ham: This goal is a blend of Old Arsenal strikers. A long ball was controlled sublimely by his right foot. The touch reminds me of Bergkamp and the finish was lethal too, like Henry. And then some people said Olivier Giroud doesn’t have a right foot!


1. vs Crystal Palace: This goal was last season’s audacious Scorpion kick against the Eagles. Alexis ball was behind the Frenchman but he managed to extend his back leg and manage a contact that would spectacularly end up in the back of the net.