Shocking: Nacho Monreal speaks about his confidence in front of goal

Arsenal defender speaks up about a gross of things in the close up


Nacho Monreal spoke to Arsenal media recently and in that interview he was up close with various things regarding his life, teammates, his experience at Arsenal and other stuffs. During the course of the interview, the Spanish full back revealed a lot of things including his favorite sports apart from football.


Here is a transcript of his interview-

Nacho’s  most pressure match:
“I would say the game I felt the most pressure in was definitely my debut. I’d only signed for Arsenal two days before it, it was a home game against Stoke which we won 1-0. I remember feeling nervous before that game.”
On asking how Monreal would react when Arsenal winning a game in the last 5 minutes and he is unable to play

“If that were to happen, I’d be really nervous! When you’re not on the pitch, you feel more under pressure. When you’re playing, your focus is just on that so you don’t think about anything else. When you’re not on the pitch and want to be, it’s a bad feeling!”

When he was asked about who he would bank on making a last ditch challenge on a striker, he said that he will choose Koscielny as the Frenchman is fast and has a good tackle.
On whether he would take a penalty in the last minute that may win Arsenal the Premier League:
“Me! No, I’d go for Santi Cazorla. I’d be completely sure that he would score.” Nacho was quick to pass the ball to his once Malaga teammate there. And then when he was asked if he would prefer to be in the first five list of a shoot out, Monreal made it clear that whatever his number is, he will give it a crack.
Best Singer and musician in Arsenal squad:
He said it was Petr Cech with his rap and they enjoyed his singing. But Monreal will prefer to sing La Bamba, a Spanish song if he is allowed to sing a song.
You have dinner guests arriving in 30 minutes and nothing’s prepared – could you cook a meal? What would it be? What would they think of it?
“That’s tough – but yes I could do it. I’d probably make a salad, I’d cook some chicken and of course have it with nachos and cheese.” So Nacho is a good cook as well, and a fast one.
On a game he has to play professionally after practicing only for a year:
“I love tennis, so I’d probably go with that, but I wouldn’t be able to play it professionally. I don’t play it a lot but I really enjoy it. My favourite tennis player is Rafael Nadal.”
That was an entertaining interview from the former Osasuna defender and he has so far established himself as one of the back three at the Arsenal central defense. It is to be seen how much Arsenal can feed from his defensive attributes this season, but Monreal’s life at Arsenal will always be fondly remembered by the supporters as a gutsy, hard working defender.