Fun Fact: How Jose Mourinho handled a drunk star Brazilian at Inter Milan

Mourinho once handled a drunk Maicon at Inter Milan.


Jose Mourinho is a debated character. Some of the time he scrutinizes his own particular players in front of media and at times backs them whatever the circumstance is. In any case, one thing is clear without any doubt, the Portuguese has a huge ability of dealing with his own particular players with a decent man management system and in a current disclosure, one his trained, Ianis Zicu at Inter Milan has pointed to such circumstance where the United manager took care of such a basic episode with a makeshift strategy.

Mourinho put in three years at Inter Milan and won three back to back titles and furthermore helped them to the Treble, the only Italian team to do as such. Brazilian right back, Maicon was one of his key players around then for the club and on the international stage but Zicu in a shocking revelation suggested that the 36-year-old defender frequently used to come to Monday training while on alcoholic influence and to deal with the circumstance Mourinho changed the entire team’s training meeting to facilitate the issue.

Speaking to Digi Sport, Zicu said: “At Inter, Mourinho had a player who was often drunk on Mondays… Maicon.

“Mourinho once called the lads together and asked them, ‘how can we get Maicon in position?’

“After that, he decided to move the session to the evening. And that’s how it went.

“They didn’t train in the morning, but they did in the evening so that Maicon could recover for training.

“These situations can happen in a team, and that team must make a decision.”

Maicon who is now playing at Brazil’s Top division later denied the news, however, Zicu who never played a single match for Inter without any idea would not reveal such fact.

Such sort of circumstance demonstrates that Mourinho is an ace of strategic prodigies as well as comprehends the player’s status and can make the team adaptable with the interest for his team and this is the thing that for the most part makes him one of the best manager ever.