Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather: Review and what’s next for both fighters?

Mayweather kept himself composed and rattled Conor with some deadly punches in the tenth round.


This past week, the mega fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr. finally went down at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

The fight was definitely a fun fight to watch, for some fans it may have been a blunder but for some the hype was definitely worth it.

The fight went up to 10 rounds, as Floyd Mayweather defeated the UFC Lightweight champion via a TKO victory. The MMA star may have lost the fight but definitely proved a lot of people wrong and stayed lasted a total of ten rounds against arguably the best boxer to ever live after Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson.

McGregor came in all guns blazing, in the opening rounds, landing a total of 111 punches, which was already more than what Manny Pacquiao threw in his mega fight against Mayweather. On the other hand, Mayweather had landed only six punches in the first round and a total of just 59 punches in the first four rounds combined, six less than what McGregor had attempted in the fourth round itself.

However, after dominating the first four rounds McGregor soon started to fade from the fifth round onwards as Floyd took control of the fight, keeping himself composed as he started to hammer Conor, who started showing signs of exhaustion, much like he did against his first fight against Nate Diaz at UFC 196.

Over the next five rounds Mayweather had landed a total of 130 punches, compared to McGregor’s 60 punches, after Conor had outlanded him with 51-40 punches in the first few rounds.

The former UFC Featheweight champion, did not give up though and started swinging in the eighth and ninth round and started to show signs of comeback but the former five division world champion, Mayweather kept himself composed and rattled Conor with some deadly punches in the tenth round and started a ‘hailstorm’ of punches on the Irish superstar, it was then the referee decided to stop the fight with 1:05 remaining in the round. Thus, giving Floyd the win via a referee stoppage.

This was the 50th win for the 40 year old, who surpassed Rocky Marciano’s record and then decided to announce his retirement for the third time in his career.

As for Conor McGregor, the Irishman says that he definitely make a return to the octagon and will once again compete in the UFC, shutting down all the rumors of him going into retirement after this boxing bout.

Moments after the fight was done, McGregor’s agent claimed that the LW champion is looking to one man and one man only that is his rival Nate Diaz with whom he stands at the record of 1-1.

Diaz, who was backstage during the boxing match between Conor and Floyd, handed McGregor his very first defeat in UFC back in 2016. McGregor then salvaged his loss, after winning the rematch at UFC 202 and now the world awaits for these two fighters to complete their trilogy, which will surely be one of the most historic fights in UFC history.

McGregor has also been challenged by another undefeated superstar, this time by the #1 contender in the 155 pound division, Khabib Nurmagomedov who is on a 24 fight winning streak, with a record of 24 wins and 0 loses. McGregor himself has claimed that he wants to fight the Russian in Russia, but Khabib has challenged the champion to a fight at UFC 219, which will take place at Las Vegas on December 30th, 2017.

Photo by So Max O