Bengaluru FC shows great professionalism to secure the career of young footballer

It was most certainly a nice gesture from the Bengaluru FC side.


While the Indian football has been making serious inroads by breaking into the top 100 after languishing behind some of its neighbouring compatriots for quite some time, there is no doubt that professionalism has to play a pivotal role from here onwards. And Bengaluru FC has shown one such instance of professionalism few days ago.

In modern day football this term has found its own position in the truest sense and there is no denying the fact that with the likes of ISL coming to the fore professionalism is slowly and steadily creeping in, which is actually a bright spot for this sport so passionately followed in the country.

One such benchmark has been set just recently by the country’s one of the most elite clubs JSW Bengaluru FC as they secured the career of young Bidyananda Singh who has been lately suffering from ACL tear now for quite a while. They not only vouched to cover up his medical expenses but in addition to that also offered him a contract thus ensuring that a blossoming future lying ahead doesn’t get nipped in the bud before kickstarting.

There have been enormous instances in the past where a player with lots of potential gets lost in the big stage owing to his injury woes. Brandon Fernandes for instance who faced a similar injury a year back keeping him out of the game for nearly a year eventually being sold by Mohun Bagan to Churchill Brothers the following year.

Bidyananda caught the eye while playing for his franchise club Athletico De Kolkata (also known as ATK) but all on a sudden he bumped onto this severe injury which refrained him from taking further part in the competition. Just when the future seemed to be gloomy for the kid Bengaluru stepping forward and taking the initiative on their own is something that deserves all the praise.

This should be the way we should nurture and look after our homegrown talents and they have set  the perfect example for the other Indian clubs to follow. Standing by this kid in his torrid times even though he would not be able to take part in this year’s ISL as well speaks volume of their attitude and vision towards the sport and the players.

Owing to Bengaluru’s participation in this year’s ISL, Bidyananda Singh already had signed for them (although he was being contacted by his former franchise officials a few days later) but even he would have never imagined that he would be so affectionately dealt with by his current club. Ever since they burst onto the scene four years back, the club has been setting standards pretty high in terms of management and stuff or the infrastructure  or even success but this noble initiative is most certainly a class apart. Kudos Bengaluru. Great going.