Premier League: Five new signings who can wreck havoc this season

Nemanja Matic is certainly one of the main signings for this Premier League season. Who else is there?


Transfer seasons happen to be football fans best appetizers. This season will perhaps be the biggest revolution in footballing history yet with Neymar’s mammoth transfer from Barcelona to PSG. But what about the transfers in the Premier League?

We take a look at the top-5 transfers that can wreck havoc this season for their respective clubs:

Jordan Pickford (Everton): 

The Sunderland goalkeeper was the only good thing that happened to them last season as they suffered miserably throughout the Premier League campaign. Only one thing was constant though, Pickford’s continuous form that gave some hope for the Black Cats. Now at Everton, and with an improved back line as Keane and Williams will both be the catalysts to the new setup, it is Pickford who will be the most exciting prospect in the side and given Koeman’s defensive record in the Premier League, we won’t be surprised if Pickford picks up the Golden Gloves award by the end of the season.

Mohamed Salah (Liverpool):

Salah moved to Liverpool with a reputation that Klopp described as “Pacey, prolific winger’ that will add something to the squad that they had been lacking ever since the departure of Raheem Sterling. Two weeks from his arrival, Klopp described him as “he is way pacier than he imagined” and we got a glimpse of that in pre-season. Especially, if Mane and Salah can stay fit together for the season, Liverpool could well be one of the most dangerous counter-attacking sides in Europe.

Bernardo Silva (Manchester City):

Bernardo Silva was the best playmaker in the Ligue 1 last season, and with his pace, he can be invisible similar to Messi when he was of his age. Silva boasts a huge reputation of controlling the ball in the middle of the park and don’t be surprised if he pushes the actual Silva out of the starting eleven after settling down for Manchester City. Silva is a dream talent that Pep had been waiting for and given his hard working adaptability, it might be just the beginning for the Premier League newbie.

Alexandre Lacazette (Arsenal):

Arsenal fans have been complaining over the years for a top prolific striker ever since Van Persie left for Manchester United. It seems like finally, they have got the guy they had been waiting for. Lacazette himself tipped the transfer as a “Dream move” in his career and given his ambition, Arsenal will be excited to believe in what’s in store for them, even without the Champions League. His speed and fluidity in the box is a much better fit for Arsenal’s style than that of Giroud or Perez, and allows Alexis Sanchez(provided he is an Arsenal player cometh September) to move about and create from the midfield along with Ozil.

Nemanja Matic (Manchester United):

Although Romelu Lukaku might just be the most glamorous signing for United this season, in a corresponding world Nemanja Matic might just be the most important signing for United this season. Matic is the player Mourinho was dying to get him to Old Trafford given his stability right in front of the defensive line. Matic’s signing will give Pogba the license to attack more often than not. Just like the role Iniesta capers for Barcelona even till date. This will give Lukaku to stay forward and become the twenty goal striker that United was in need for. We’ll realize it more and more as the season continues.

Which transfer do you think will be the most paramount as the season flows? Comment below.

Photo by Aleksandr Osipov