WWE looking to bring the Mexican magician Rey Mysterio


WWE is eyeing to bring back Rey Mysterio as the Mexican’s contract with Lucha Underground has expired, according to reports. The Mexican has always been a fan favorite and the wrestling giants aim to rope him in yet again.

Rey Mysterio, the high flying Mexican was a pivotal individual of WWE, not only because of his fan following but his magnificent attributes. He changed the past theories of the role of a little man in WWE and was the main man of the SMACKDOWN show for several years. His amazing high flying technique, classic moves and his trademark 619 made the little Mexican a stalwart of WWE as he was in championship picture as well. But he didn’t get the respect he deserves as he was more of a peripheral characters in his final years. The master of 619 finally left WWE in 2014 when ego problems between him and Vince Mcmahon reached the optimum mark.

However, a scenario of his return was created with the birth of the 205 Live show for the cruiserweights present in the company. WWE wanted his presence for maybe TV rating reasons and the Mexican also agreed and featured in the show.

In recent times, the speculation of Mysterio returning to WWE is towering day by day but still nothing concrete have come from either ends. Mysterio was World Heavyweight Champion thrice and also won the WWE Championship once, beside his several Cruiserwight, Tag Team and Intercontinental titles.

According to Sports Illustrated, WWE is trying hard to get the luchador back on board. This will also fill the spot of a Mexican representative in the company which is vacant since the departure of Alberto Del Rio.

But WWE will have to rival GFW to land the Mexican as they are also desperate to acquire his sign. But it is to be believed that Mysterio would opt to return to the worldwide brand for better facilities and end his career on a high. Speculations are high, but what happens is to be seen in the coming weeks.