Five best WWE Divas of Attitude Era


If anyone is a WWE fan, he must agree that the Attitude Era period of WWE was just pure gold and it was such unique and full of drama and actions back then. Now apart from the male roster that time there was a strong female roster also in WWE that uphold the magnificent display of the entertainment wrestling programme back then.

Time has gone flying and today we see a complete changeover of the business, but one can’t but admit that some on the women of that period may well not be matched by this generation or by any coming one.

Here are the five of the best WWE divas of the Attitude Era that must have gained your attention:

Stephanie Mcmahon: Stephanie has been one of the most iconic superwomen of that era, if she still isn’t. She is the daughter of Vince Mcmahon and what other way for the WWE Chairman’s daughter to debut then as herself. Stephanie McMahon came into the WWE when her father was feuding with The Undertaker.  McMahon then started dating Triple H on-screen. He and she formed a strong bonding and they became a powerful couple, sometimes against the will of her father. She still is a part of WWE as the authority is mostly act in negative roles, but still she is one of the most striking lady WWE ever had.

Chyna: Chyna was a dominant diva of those times as she was better built than others. She used to be a bully and also helped out his male counterparts. Chyna joined DX in 1999 and was the first ever female wrestler to take part in a Royal Rumble match. Chyna was also won the then WWF Intercontinental Championship after a long feud with Jeff Jarret. She was definitely one of the success stories of that era but unfortunately she passed away last year due to overdose of drugs. Gone, but never forgotten and she will be remembered by all the WWE fans for her amazing attributes.

Sable: Sable, a noted diva of that time joined WWE in Wrestlemania XII and enjoyed a glorious start to her career. In 1998, Sable defeated Jacqueline for her first Women’s Championship at Survivor Series. Although Sable was a good wrestler and was an attractive lady, she did not have a good off-screen relationships with the WWE personnels and that led to her departure. She later on married Brock Lesnar in real life.


Lita: Amy Dumas or famously known as Lita, was the on screen girlfriend of Matt Hardy that time and apart from that she was an outstanding wrestler. She had outstanding high flying skills and formed a team along with the Hardy boys as Team Xtreme. Her tomboyish approach, outstanding wrestling skills and her beauty made Lita one of the top grossing divas of that time. She was involved in a feud with Stephanie Mcmahon and won her Women’s Championship in 2000. Later on she teamed up with Trish Stratus and also had her infamous saga with Edge and Kane. But apart from all that, Lita will remain one of the best divas in WWE history.

Trish Stratus: The only woman probably in the WWE history who has been loved by all the fans across the world, the Canadian sensation Trish Stratus. Not only she was a beauty queen, but an outstanding wrestler as well.  Stratus actually started her career as manager, managing the tag team of Test and Albert and then Val Venis, but left him to join singles competition. At Survivor Series 2001, Stratus won her first of seven Women’s Championships. In 2013, Stratus became the youngest wrestler to be inducted in the prestigious WWE Hall of Fame.