Discussion: Why Alvaro Morata will be a perfect fit for Chelsea

Technically, Morata can be a perfect in Blue colours as he can meet his manager's demands very well.


Chelsea have reportedly announced that they have reached an agreement with the Real Madrid outcast Alvaro Morata and the player is subjected to undergo medical in coming days.

Now, with the possible departure of Chelsea’s superstar Diego Costa, everyone must have a massive expectation from the ex-Juventus star. Let us discuss what can be the effect of Alvaro Morata in Chelsea.

The Spanish forward joined the Serie A giants Juventus back in 2014 on loan from his parent club Real Madrid. Reportedly, Chelsea’s present manager Antonio Conte wanted the 24-year-old striker at Juventus earlier. But, the Spaniard was delivered in their team after Conte’s resignation and Morata was under the supervision of Massimiliano Allegri at Juventus. Although it is never easy to earn respect from an Italian defender, the striker did get it from Leonardo Bonucci, one of the bests of his generation. Despite new club, new conditions, new tactics, Morata managed to cope with the all. If the 21-year-old Morata can manage in a hard fought league like Serie A, the same man with 24-year-old can also do the same in Chelsea colours in a competition like Premier League.

Reportedly, Bonucci was so much impressed with the talent of the striker that he tried to convince his side to buy the forward on a permanent deal. But now the player himself has left for A.C. Milan. Notably, the Spanish forward was also under the radar of A.C. Milan and as per reports, Bonnucci also tried to convince the player to rejoin him at his new club.

Some might argue that the amount of the deal is high enough for a player, who has spent most of his career sitting on the bench. In his Juventus career, Morata suffered from injuries and it caused him to start only 11 league games in his first season and 16 in the second season. Although with a few chances, the striker showed very impressive conversion rate scoring a total of 27 goals. Later on, he failed to become the first choice over Karim Benzema for his manager Zinedine Zidane at his parent club. Despite little chances, the striker again proved his striker instinct as he scored a total of 20 goals in the season, one more than his competitor Karim Benzema. But at Chelsea, he will not have to spend his career at bench unless injury woes.

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Technically, Morata can be a perfect in Blue colours as he can meet his manager’s demands very well. He has the perfect pace and he can run with the ball with such an ease. This can create a lot of spaces for the other Chelsea stars Eden Hazard, Pedro Rodriguez and Victor Moses. Moreover, the speed of the player can be a perfect match for the counter attacking football his manager desires from his team. In addition to that, the 24-year-old’s ability in the air will certainly provide him with an advantage over the opponent defenders. He is also very flexible in supplying ball to the other players.

From some other point of view, Morata can be more than that of Diego Costa too. The ex-Juventus star’s attitude is also praiseworthy. The 24-year-old will hardly be in the headlines for arguing with the players or with the match officials. He won’t let his team suffer because of his temperament.

In addition, we can notice that the player was discovered in Real Madrid, moved to Juventus and succeeded, again came back to his parent club. The player has had a massive experience for playing in two of the Europe’s best clubs. So, it can be concluded easily that the player is going to have a very successful spell at Chelsea.

Photo by NazionaleCalcio