Mohammad Nabi wishes Afghanistan can play their first Test match against India

Nabi, who along with Rashid Khan made his IPL debut this year, also thanked India and the BCCI.


Friday was a historical day for Afghanistan and Ireland Cricket, as they were officially included in ICC’s Test members list.

One of Afghan’s senior most players, Mohammad Nabi, said that getting full membership status from the International Cricket Council (ICC), was a dream come true and also added that he would like to face India in his first Test match.

Speaking to Sportstar, Nabi said, “He (his son, Rouhan) is too small to know what this day means for us. This is a dream we have been chasing for years now. And today, we are a Test playing nation.”

He admitted that mighty challenges await the team with so many expectations from them.

“I hope we play our first Test against India. That’s one dream all of us have. It would have been good if we could take on India in Greater Noida,” Nabi said, “Now, we have a lot of planning to do. The real challenge begins now.”

Nabi, who along with Rashid Khan made his IPL debut this year, also thanked India and the BCCI.

He acknowledged the huge support they got from India and revealed that the BCCI helped them in achieving their dreams. He also added how playing in the Indian Premier League (IPL) has helped them grow. They got a lot of recognition.

But Nabi’s hopes of playing India in Greater Noida look dim. The ICC hasn’t given the stadium clearance to host Test matches yet and so, Afghanistan will have to play their ‘home’ Test matches in Dubai.

The story of Afghanistan’s rise in international cricket has been no less than a fairytale. Hailing from a war torn country, having had no recognition at the international level, the boys surprised many with how far they have come on the 22 yards. Mohammad Nabi and Rashid Khan in particular have cemented their place in the global cricket circuit.