Former Manchester United winger sentenced to 1 year in Jail

Will they be together again?

Former Manchester United winger Angel Di Maria has been given a one-year jail sentence in the wake of admitting to two counts of tax evasion during his time with Real Madrid.

The 29-year-old played for Real Madrid from 2010-2014 preceding fixing a £59.6 million move to Manchester United in 2014 before joining PSG at a cut-cost £44 million.

His charges are identified with the player’s image rights with Real Madrid in 2012 and 2013. He is a client of Gestifute, which is possessed by Super agent Jorge Mendes. It is comprehended that the Champions League winner transferred his rights to an Irish organisation claimed by Mendes, by means of another holding in Panama to dodge any sort of expense.

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The Paris Saint-German winger conceded of avoiding tax after a settlement concurred between the former Real Madrid midfielder’s legal counsellors and public prosecutor on Wednesday.

In November a year ago, Spain’s prosecutor’s office questioned back of this claim and later the winger conceded the charge. Di Maria will now pay a sum of €2 million in back expenses and fine for evading tax in Spain however, he does not need to go to in prison as, in Spain, imprison terms under two years are typically banned unless the person has an earlier conviction.

Earlier his international partners Javier Mascherano, as well as Lionel Messi, also convicted of jail sentences, however, both were dismissed from going to jail.

Di Maria is the most recent in a long line of players and coaches charged for sidestepping taxes in Spain after his former team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo and current Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho likewise among the denounced.

Every one of these cases is reviewed on the basis of players different image rights with advertising agencies, not pay rates paid by clubs.