Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather: A timeline of how it all happened, preview and predictions

A lot of big names have made their predictions for the fight with boxing legend Mike Tyson saying that he doesn’t give McGregor a chance against Floyd.


After months and months of build-up and anticipation, the dream fight is finally official. UFC superstar Conor McGregor and boxing legend Floyd Mayweather is now official for August 26, 2017.

It all started back in 2nd July 2015, when Conor McGregor appeared on the “Conon O’Brian” show to promote his fight against Chad Mendes which took place at UFC 189 for the Interim FW belt.

During the interview O’Brian asked McGregor if the Irish star would love to face Mayweather anytime in the future, Conor firmly replied by saying: “If you’re asking would I like to fight Floyd Mayweather — I mean, who would not like to dance around the ring for $180 million?”

There wasn’t much action from either party for the rest of 2015, other than Mayweather making a few racist comments about McGregor and former UFC Bantamweight Champion, Ronda Rousey. Conor this time responded via an Instagram post saying “he never bring race into my success again”.

May 6, 2016, UK tabloid The Sun reported that both McGregor and Mayweather are on the verge of an epic billion dollar fight to which UFC president Dana White immediately refused by saying “it’s just a tabloid story.”

However, three days later Mayweather claimed that a fight between him and Conor is indeed possible regardless of what Dana White says and also claimed that he will come out of retirement only to face Conor McGregor despite announcing his retirement after the Manny Pacquiao fight.

Within the next few days, Mayweather told TMZ Sports that he would offer Conor a total of 50 million for the fight to which Conor once again responded saying: “He needs me, I don’t need him.”

Later in 2016, Mayweather decided to troll McGregor when he face timed McGregor’s UFC rival Nate Diaz, during the facetime Floyd told Diaz that he intends to “put the finishing touches” on the Conor, who lost to Nate Diaz at UFC 196.

Soon another mega news broke which claimed that Conor McGregor has earned his boxing license in California and now the fight against Floyd could indeed be on. Earlier this year in March, Mayweather claimed that he’s officially out of retirement and ready to fight McGregor as soon as June.

In May, during an interview with Showtime Mayweather says that the fight is most likely to happen.

McGregor confirmed his side of the deal in a statement that he released to in which he stated: “The first and most important part of this historic contract has now officially been signed off on. Congratulations to all parties involved. We now await Al Haymon and his boxer’s signature in the coming days.”

On June 15th, The Nevada Athletic Commission approved the fight for August 26th at MGM Grand Grand Arena and finally after almost two years of back and forth both the parties also confirmed the fight and the mega, dream fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather is finally going to happen.

The fight is expected to make a lot of PPV sales and is expected to gross almost 5 million buys. It is also estimated that Mayweather will earn up to a total of 100 million, whereas, Conor will earn a total of 75 million from the fight.

A lot of big names have made their predictions for the fight with boxing legend Mike Tyson saying that he doesn’t give McGregor a chance against Floyd. Tony Bellew, Sugar Ray Leonard and UFC commentator Joe Rogan all have predicted by saying that they think Floyd will win the fight. Conor’s UFC rival Jose Aldo also doesn’t give a chance to the man who knocked him out in 13 seconds, whereas, Nate Diaz says that McGregor is good when it comes to boxing and thinks will beat Mayweather within the first few rounds.

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