Subrata Pal suspended by NADA; Read full story

The former Arjuna award winning goalkeeper Subrata Pal tested positive for a substance called Terbutaline during the camp in Mumbai.


The National Anti Doping Agency or the NADA has suspended ace Indian Goalkeeper Subrata Pal for testing positive. He has been put under provisional suspension after he himself requested for the same.

The former Indian number one goalkeeper had tested positive for a banned substance during a National training camp in March. The former Arjuna award winning goalkeeper Subrata Pal tested positive for a substance called Terbutaline during the camp in Mumbai.

Terbutaline is pharmacologically called as Beta 2 Agonist. It is often used by many having asthma and respiratory conditions to get instantaneous relief.

According to study, it is alleged to increase performance in athletes by increasing blood flow to muscles. Although there has been no concrete evidence as to the validity of the above statement, it is listed as a banned substance by the World Anti Doping Agency better known as WADA.

The drug is usually inhaled for best performance. In Paul’s case however it is claimed to have been taken as supplement to a cough syrup, which is considered to be one of the rare uses of terbutaline.

The former FC Vestsjælland goalkeeper had previously claimed to have not being aware of the drug being black listed by the WADA.

Upon testing positive for the first time, NADA did not suspend the DSK Shivajians’ goalkeeper initially, allowing him to play for his club in the recently concluded Hero Federation Cup.

It is reported that he apparently asked for a voluntary suspension after the Pune based club was knocked out of the competition.

NADA director general Navin Agarwal on Tuesday was quoted as saying:

“Paul opted for voluntary (provisional) suspension. So, he stands suspended.” 

The Indian custodian’s case is soon to be put forward for a hearing before a disciplinary committee.

In case he is found guilty of the accusations and is deemed ineligible to play any further, the provisional suspension period is scheduled to be deducted from the entire duration of the sentence.

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