The over that changed people’s perspective on Bumrah

On 29th April in the 35th match of IPL-10, Mumbai Indians were up against Gujarat Lions. Gujarat Lions batted first and scored 153/9 and the exact same score was made by Mumbai Indians later in the same match. Thus a Tie. Super Over to decide the winner. Mumbai bats first. Scores just 11. Gujarat needs 12 runs in the super over to win. Bumrah to bowl for Mumbai.

Bumrah, source:
Bumrah, source:

In one of the most dramatic super overs, Jasprit Bumrah just gave away 6 runs in the over which included 1 No ball, 1 wide, 1 leg-bye and 1 byes. The batsmen were Aaron Finch and Brendom McCullum.

12 runs needed in 6 balls
Ball 1 (Finch on strike)
Bumrah bowled a perfect yorker. But it turned out to be a no ball.To remind
you, he had already balled 2 no balls in the match and the look on Rohit 
Sharma's match clearly showed his disappointment. Nevertheless, no runs were
scored on the same.
11 runs required in 6 balls
Ball 1 (Finch on strike) (Free Hit)
Bumrah again bowled a brilliant yorker yet again and only 1 conceded 1 run
that too leg byes. 
10 runs required in 5 balls
Ball 2 (McCullum on strike)
McCullum moved around in the crease trying to deflate Bumrah's rhythm. 
He probably succeeded. Bumrah bowled a slower ball wide off the crease while
McCullum stayed his ground and the ball was declared a wide.
9 runs in 5 balls
Ball 2 (McCullum on strike)
Bumrah released the ball. Looked like it would again be a yorker. But midway,
the pace of the balls decreased and turned out to be a slow ball. McCullum 
missed it. DOT BALL
9 runs in 4 balls
Ball 3 (McCullum on strike)
Bumrah again bowled a slower ball. McCullum again missed it. But for a change,
Parthiv Patel missed it too and a single run was taken by the batsmen. 1 Byes.
8 runs in 3 balls
Ball 4 (Finch on strike)
This time Bumrah bowled a yorker. Hit and miss (both the bat and the stums :P)
Effectively 6 balls were bowled by Bumrah without allowing the batsmen to touch
any of them with the bat.
8 runs in 2 balls
Ball 5 (Finch on strike)
Finally Bumrah made a mistake. He bowled a full toss. Its another matter that
Finch was unable to take advantage of it and just took a single.
7 runs in 1 balls
The match was virtually over. Even if McCullum hit a 6, Mumbai would have won
because they had scored more boundaries during the innings of 20 overs.
Ball 6 (McCullum on strike)
Only a single was scored.

This over would eventually turn out to be the historic over India’s fast bowling history. Days when fast bowling has been considered as India’s weak link, this over just changed it all. Earlier, players like Malinga and Steyn were looked upon for bowling death overs. Now its Bhuvi and Bumrah.