VVS Laxman mocked by Australian media for his comments

VVS Laxman has slammed Steven Smith and Glenn Maxwell's on-field behaviour and the Australian media are picking a bone with him.

Laxman was always the person to rely on

The relationship between VVS Laxman and Australia has never been a bed of roses, and here is another incident to add to the list.

In day 4 of the third Test between India and Australia at Ranchi, Glenn Maxwell, along with Steve Smith, unethically imitated Virat Kohli’s injury which the Indian skipper suffered on the opening day of the match.  VVS Laxman compared this act to how Indian cricketers had reacted to Phil Hughes’ death, and the Australian media once again pounced on the opportunity, terming Laxman’s comments as ‘ill-informed attack on Smith’s leadership’ and unfortunately bringing up the Hughes family name into a non-issue.

The Courier Mail and News Corp Australia described Laxman’s comments as, ‘depressingly ill-advised’ and further said that he had ‘waded into murky waters.’

VVS Laxman had told Star Sports that the two Australians were setting a very bad example to their team. He opined that sledging is fine, but mocking someone who is in pain was something he (Laxman) experienced first time.

On Saturday all-rounder Glenn Maxwell was seen holding his shoulder with a rather wicked smile on his face after his attempt to save a boundary, and many pointing out that he was mocking Virat Kohli’s injury.

Maxwell’s behaviour didn’t go down well with the Indians, and VVS was soon vocal about it. However, the Australian media refused to accept Maxwell’s wrongdoing and instead pounced back on Laxman when he compared the incident to Phil Hughes’ death. Smith and company have been vilified by Australian media even for their wrongdoings.

The Australian media, ever since the DRS controversy surrounding Steve Smith, has been very unrelenting in accepting Smith’s, or for that matter any Australian cricketers fault. Even though the ball was in India’s court, who could have not withdrawn the ICC complaint against Smith, another controversy from Australian media was least expected.  And this time around, they crossed all boundaries of poor behavior by mocking someone’s injury and pain.