Qweekly : How much do you know about the Australian Open?

The tennis lovers across the world are ready to welcome the Australian Open. Let us see how well you know the history of the tournament.


For the tennis buffs, it’s time for the first Grand Slam of the year – the Australian Open. As the action enters the business week at the Melbourne Park, Qweekly brings you some ten trivia in the form of a quiz to check your knowledge about the sport and the event. Take the quiz and check your score.


(1) Ken Rosewall, an 8-time Grand Slam champion, is a winner at this event on four different occasions. This Australian tennis star also boasts of a unique record in his home major. Can you guess what?

(2) Apart from the traditional Melbourne, the Australian Open had been hosted in a few other cities. Can you name a few?

(3) Apart from being the one of the two hard court Grand Slam events (the other being the US Open), on what is the only other surface had the tournament been played on so far?

(4) Taking a cue out of the last question, who is the only tennis player to win the event on two different surfaces?

(5) There was no Australian Open held in 1986. What was the reason?

(6) In the open era, which player (irrespective of gender) has won the maximum number of singles titles?

(7) In the open era, which player has won the most titles at the US Open (singles, doubles and mixed combined)?

(8) Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Pete Sampras and Margaret Court share a unique record. Can you guess what?

(9) The 2012 Australian Open final between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal holds a distinction in the record books. What is it?

(10) Apart from tennis, which other sport(s) too have a major in the same name?


  1. Rosewall stands as both the youngest and the oldest male singles champion in the Australian Open. He won his first Slam at 1953 – aging 18 years and 2 months – in the pre-Open era. He won his last at 1972 – aging 37 years and 2 months – after the Grand Slam allowed the entry of professionals.
  2. Though Australian Open is hosted in Melbourne since 1973, earlier it took place in other cities like Sydney (17 times), Adelaide (14 times), Brisbane (7 times) and Perth (3 times). In its early days of the Australasian Championship, the event was held twice in the neighbouring New Zealand – in the cities of Christchurch (1906) and Hastings (1912).
  3. The Australian Open used to be played on grass since 1905 till the organizers shifted the venue of the tournament from Kooyong greens to Flinders Park outdoor hardcourts in 1988 – in order to accommodate for the growing popularity of the Australian Open as more top ranked players started to visit the distant nation to take part in the event.
  4. Mats Wilander. The 7-time Grand Slam winning Swedish won the event thrice in 1983, 1984 and 1988 respectively.
  5. With the Australian Open held in various venues across a nation with varying geographic and climatic diversions, the event had different scheduling in different places. From being held in August in Brisbane to March in 1920, the tournament was being played in December – since the 1970s – which did not bore much fruits at the end of the season and colliding with the festive season. The organizers then decided to defer the championship by a month to mid-January (as it is at present) which shifted the December 1986 event to January 1987 – thus there was no event in 1986.
  6. Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams both have won a maximum of six singles titles each. Considering the all-time record, Roy Emerson ties with Djokovic at 6 while Margaret Court leads with a staggering 11.
  7. Martina Navratilova. In a span of 24 years, she has won 3 singles, 8 doubles and 1 mixed title for a total of 12 titles.
  8. They are the players having the best all-win streak at the finals of a particular Grand Slam. Coming to the finals at each event, Djokovic stands 6-0 at Australian Open, Nadal 9-0 at French Open, Sampras 7-0 at Wimbledon and Court 3-0 at the US Open.
  9. It is the longest ever match in a Grand Slam final. The match lasted a never-ending 5 hours and 53 minutes and bettered the previous mark by an hour.
  10. Badminton, Golf and Squash. In badminton, it is one of the Super Series events – while for golf, the century-old tournament is one of the prestigious events.


How did you fare in this Australian Open quiz? Let us know your score in the comments below and challenge your friends to beat that!

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