Virat Kohli addresses Bangalore’s mass molestation issue through a video on Twitter

Virat Kohli is not a guy to stop and watch all this!


India’s Test skipper Virat Kohli addressed the recent mass molestation issue that occurred on the busy streets of Bangalore on New Year’s eve.

Kohli, who took to social media platform Twitter to express his grief, was extremely saddened by the incident and expressed his disgust at the perpetrators. the 28 year old felt that the incident was extremely disturbing and it was cowardly of the people standing around not to help the women in need. He also went on to say that a girl has all the rights to wear clothes of her choice and that should not be called the reason for being molested.

As thousands of people crowded MG Road, which is the biggest and busiest commercial stretch in Bangalore, to welcome 2017, many women present among the celebrations were molested by the unruly men at the venue. Shockingly, there was no FIR filed for the case which had clear video evidence of the women being molested. The Police Chief event went to say that the incident did not occur since there is not enough evidence to prove the same.

There have been a lot of reactions pouring in from all over the country regarding this incident, and a lot of cricketers have taken to social media platforms to express their grief and disbelief.

Kohli feels that the country needs to change its perceptions and treat men and women in the same way, be respectful and treat one and all with compassion.

Following the unfortunate incident on the night of 31st, there are a number of protests which have been scheduled in the city of Bangalore in order to raise awareness on this issue and attract the attention of the police officials and politicians.

India, before anything else, needs to respect its women.


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