‘Rival managers are angry for our position’, says Chelsea manager Antonio Conte

Is other managers jealous of Chelsea manager Antonio Conte?


Current Premier League leaders Chelsea and their man in charge Antonio Conte are trying to turn all the controversial criticism down ahead of their midweek fixture against London rivals Tottenham Hotspur.

The Chelsea manager has dismissed all the talks that represent his side have been provided with easy fixtures, claiming the opponent managers are simply showing their jealousy image in front of the reporters.

The Blues from the West London are about to feature for the third time on Wednesday over last ten days, in which they are set to face the London rivals Tottenham Hotspur. This particular fixture has already been criticised by the managers including Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger and the former Chelsea and current Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho. Especially the Manchester United boss has reacted about the fixture, claiming that Chelsea and Tottenham have been facilitated in the midweek fixture compared to the other clubs.

Chelsea are keen to extend their lead to eight points registering 14 consecutive victories if they manage to win the midweek away fixture against Tottenham Hotspur. Ahead of the fixture, Conte hit back to the controversial allegations regarding the fixture list.

“I can reply that I didn’t do the fixtures. I think that’s the simple reply”, said Conte in reply to the comments.”The advantage we have is one more day of rest over Tottenham. That’s the advantage if we want to speak about advantage.

Conte admitted that they got one more day extra break from the weekend fixture than that of the other teams. So, this can be the ‘advantage’ as claimed by the rival managers. “The advantage we have is one more day of rest over Tottenham. That’s the advantage if we want to speak about advantage”, he said.

Despite admitting the extra break that Chelsea have got, Conte denied calling this as an ‘advantage’. As the manager said, “But for me, the advantages are other things – during a season, different situations can happen when you can have advantages – but, for sure, not this”.

The Chelsea man in charge has claimed that the other managers are simply jealous of his side as they have been capturing the top spot on the Premier league table and they are expressing their disappointment in anger. “I think they are angry for our position, not for the fixtures. I’m not disappointed. I think it’s normal. This also happens in Italy. I repeat – it’s always because you stay up”, Conte remarked.

“It’s logical to arrive at this sort of situation when you stay up because, at the start of the season, no one could imagine this”, Conte added.

lastly, Conte said that his side will be concentrating on the performance rather than listening to the other opinions. As he said, “It’s important that we continue in the same way – to think about ourselves and not look at the other teams and other situations”

Photo by NazionaleCalcio