Premier League: Goal of the Week [Gameweek-18]


A week that affixed us with 31 Premier league goals can never be dismantling. While the boxing day fixtures didn’t catch us with surprises when it came to the game results, it did amaze us with some wonderful goals.

All the top six sides in the premier league won comfortably, thanks to routine performances from the guys that helped them push for the nadir. Although the goals were scattered in all possible ways we directly come to the goals that stood a chance to bypass the goal of the week stature, we look into some of the best goals scored.

Henrick Mkhitaryan vs Sunderland:

Coming off the bench after suffering a setback a month back, little did the Manchester United fans knew about the outcome the lad could produce after getting the winning goal against Spurs in an excellent performance through the right side. Although it was an offside and should have been ruled out, but who cares when someone scores in that manner. Could arguably the best goal ever scored that should have been ruled out?


Fabio Borini vs Manchester United:

Minutes after that wonder goal from Henrick, Fabio Borini brushed home an incoming deflecting pass to score a stellar goal. The crowd was still absorbing the goal that Mkhitaryan had produced and came that Borini goal. Could have been the goal of the week if it was a winner, but alas the match was already lost.


Pedro vs Bournemouth:

Pedro scored an excellent left-footed goal from just outside the box to open the scoreline for Chelsea against Bournemouth last game week. He came in place of Costa as a winger as Hazard played through the middle, and produced an excellent performance to outcast the opponents.


Which one of the three do you think stands out to be the best goal of the week in Premier League? Let us know at Sports-nova by commenting below.