Analysis: How Arsenal has been affected by Hector Bellerin?


With his blistering pace and tremendous work ethic, Hector Bellerin has made the Right Back position his own in recent seasons at the Emirates.

Bellerin has transformed into one of the best Right Backs in the game today, and is a target for a number of top clubs around Europe.
Bellerin is equally effective going forward as he is while defending. With his amazing speed and acceleration, Bellerin ensures that he is up there whenever his team is attacking and is also able to track back whenever they lose possession.

Bellerin possesses a unique skill set, where in he can not only dribble the ball upfield, he also has the ability to make that crucial pass for an assist. He can finish as well, scoring a few goals every season. On the defensive end, Bellerin has always been solid, and always adds an extra dimension to the Gunners defense. He has good timing on his tackles, is able to get behind the ball well and is also well adept at marking his man. He has excellent fundamentals and technique, and the fact that he can do everything at an astonishing speed marks him out as a very rare and special talent.

Whenever Bellerin played, Arsenal look a much more dangerous team. His link up play with his teammates is terrific, something that can be expected from a man whose roots lie in Spain,Barcelona. He gives the Gunners that added width on the flank and adds another option in the attacking third. No other player is capable of doing what Bellerin does. For example, neither Debuchy nor Jenkinson can do the same offensively as Bellerin does. Nach Monreal has also been superb as the other full back, but Bellerin has been at another level since last season. Whenever he plays, Arsenal’s attack looks that much more potent. The goal tally for every player goes up, and Arsenal look that much more incisive and clinical.

Theo Walcott in particular benefits from Bellerin’s work, as he is the Right Forward for the team. He is able to not only link up with Bellerin but also create space for both players. Bellerin’s dribbling, speed and crossing usually warrant attention from opposition defenses, which leads to space between and behind the defense on the right side.

Whenever Arsenal are playing their fluid brand of football, Bellerin is involved in the thick of things. As he is able to read the game well, players like Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez and Santi Cazorla are able to trust him with the ball, and make their moves. With the advantage of Bellerin’s pace, he is very easily able to escape the opponents marking him, and get free to deliver crosses or take shots of his own. This opening up of the play can shift and disorganized a team’s defense, which can then be taken full advantage of.

On the defensive side of things, Bellerin is usually quite solid and keeps the opposition in check. His marking is top notch and is very rarely caught out of position. No player has an easy day when Hector Bellerin is his opposite number. He is usually tasked with guarding one of the opposition’s best players, and Bellerin has not disappointed. Another factor that makes him so essential is the fact that he is able to break down counter attacks and make chase down tackles in case of a breakaway chance. There are numerous examples of Bellerin darting make to foil the opponent at the last second, with the goal seemingly at the striker’s mercy.

With so many positives, it is obvious to see why the Spaniard has been rated so highly. His impact on Arsenal’s game grows every season, and in the future Bellerin might become the best player in his position.

Photo by Kieran Clarke