The Six Nations has recently stated they will try a new bonus points system in the 2017 tournament to try and get teams to score more try’s and ultimately create a much more attacking game of rugby.

The rugby Six Nations has always been an exciting tournament for rugby fans and it could yet get even more exciting if the new points bonus system comes to fruition after it is trialled in 2017. Not only will it be trialled in the men’s 2017 tournament, but it will also be trialled at the under twenty-Six Nations as well as the women’s tournament, so it will be trialled across the whole tournament platform before any decisions are made on its future.It could not only have an impact on the game itself, but it could also have an impact on betting so it would be a wise choice to Claim Rugby Union Six Nations 2017 Free Bets and Enhanced Odds to help you get started. The change could have many benefits as well as adverse effects, and below we’ll have a look at them to see if it can truly offer the Six Nations tournament an even more exciting game of rugby.

What is the point in the new bonus points system?
As of now, the bonus points system will only be trialled at the 2017 Six Nations, so there are no guarantees that it will even work, but the whole idea of implementing it is to try and make the game even more exciting than it already is. Even losing games will give teams points if they have scored so many tries, which could be the difference in winning the tournament or coming in second place. To some fans, the system sounds a bit pointless, because if the points system was trialled in the 2016 Six Nations then all teams would have finished in the same positions anyway.

Could it change the way matches are played?
It could, in fact make games much more exciting, as all teams will be aiming for as many bonus points as possible, especially if their recent results haven’t gone their way and they are looking to make amends for it. As stated above, if the system was in place in the 2016 tournament then it wouldn’t have made a difference in the table standings other than the total points each team received. But in terms of playing, we could see much more intensity and quicker rugby.

How will it work?
It’s a simple format and any team that wins a game will be given four points instead of the usual two and will be given an additional bonus point if four or more tries are scored in one game. A team on the losing side can still pick up two points, one if they have managed to score four or more tries and an additional one if they only lose the game by seven points or less. Any team that wins the grand slam will be given an additional three points to their name. So, whether a team wins, draws, or loses, they will still likely receive points depending on their try-scoring performances. This means that teams that aren’t doing that well in the table can quickly get back into the mix if they were to win one game with four or more tries.

Whether the bonus points system works or not remains to be seen, but as it is currently in use in other tournaments and leagues around the world, there’s no reason why it can’t make the whole game much more exciting.