10 Mistakes: How did PV Sindhu lose to Sun Yu?

What really went wrong for PV Sindhy agains Sun Yu?


Its the second day of the Superseries Finals, Dubai 2016 and here are two stalwart players, Olympic Silver medallist PV Sindhu from India and world no. 6 Sun Yu from China. The last time they came up against each other was the final of the China Open Superseries when PV Sindhu claimed her maiden Superseries title of her career leaving Sun Yu disappointed in the 4th superseries final this season.

Yesterday’s game was a lot different as both of them came from wins on day 1 and wished to top the group with the victory and unfortunately the Indian couldn’t make the cut as the Chinese woman pulled off the match 21-15, 21-17 in straight sets without much fight. But what really went wrong in the game for Sindhu?

  1. Misjudgements: Sindhu was too very overconfident about the opponents long court shots and has not offered any shot to even some of the slighest extended shots which ultimately landed inbounds leaving the world championship silver medallist behind. This was a repeated mistake in the course of the earlier half of the first game which cost her 4-5 points.
  2. Losing Composure midway: It was 11-8 at the break when Sun Yu carried the lead in the first game. Coming back, Sun just extended her lead to 6 and then even to double digits. What missed in Sindhu was the composure to play her game and to control the match. She was way too tensed about the score going the Chinese way which was a psychological advantage for the opponent.
  3. Unadapted to height factor: Sindhu coming back from playing against 156 cm tall Yamaguchi gave no trouble to the 183 cm tall Sun Yu as she failed to stretch her opponent to all corners of the court. Sun was able to cover up the court at ease and Sindhu seemed to have not adapted to the opponents height factor.
  4. Body Game: Sun Yu rightly identified Sindhu’s weakness at playing shuttles coming onto the body right away into the game as she gained her early points through body smashes. She exploited the weakness again and again forcing Sindhu to go for a haphazard defensive shot which mostly landed off the court.
  5. Drop Shot range: Sindhu has a major weakness in making a drop shot. Her drop shots land near first service line unlike Sun’s drop shots that land a lot nearer to the net. This weakness of Sindhu was the prime reason why Sun was able to cover the court more easily.
  6. Unable to finish rallies: The encouters between Sindhu and Sun have always seen some wonderful lengthy rallies and yesterday’s game was nothing different but what went missing in Sindhu’s game was the aggression and power to finish the rally at the right time.
  7. Unforced errors: Sindhu’s game yesterday was composed of a lot of these and they just piled up the points for the opponent. There were moments when Sindhu just lost her cool and went for the smash shots right at the serve return which hit the net. Similarly, she tried to spread out the opponent by going for the wide shots which were beyond the playing domain.
  8. Lack of accurate shots: Each player in the circuit has a set of shots which end up landing in the corner and bruising the sidelines that put the opponent in dilemma. Sindhu has been lacking this skill set since long and this was evident yesterday again as Sun found no difficulty in judging the shuttle whenever Sindhu went for the corner shots.
  9. Missing “Aggression”: P.V.Sindhu has had a trademark aggressive game in the last few months which resembled Carolina Marin. She used to have a psychological impact on the opponent by shouting and expressing herself in the court which was missing in both the games this Superseries.
  10. Not taking control and advantage of stamina: In both the games so far in the Superseries, Sindhu gave away the control of the game in the earlier stages to the opponent. The opponents were easily controlling rallies and forcing Sindhu to go for the long shots. P.V.Sindhu is one of the players with the highest stamina in the circuit and was expected to take advantage of this. But, her failure to control the match and rallies couldn’t extend the match to set3, which could have given Sindhu a victory with ease.

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Whatever might happen, for a 21 yr old youngster who has achieved a lot of success in a limited period, one loss is not a matter, at least when the sport is played at its best and yes she is human too, so errors and mistakes do occur and I’m pretty sure the animated and tactical Pullela Gopichand will see to it for sure. But what we expect is to see Sindhu take revenge against her all time and Olympic finals rival Carolina Marin in the next match to keep her hopes of continuing in the tournament alive.All the Best Sindhu!

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