Surprise! Thierry Henry ditches Arsenal to pick best Premier League striker

Thierry Henry decides to reveal who is the best Premier League striker right now.


Former Arsenal star Thierry Henry has reportedly let his Arsenal fans upset as he has declared Diego Costa, the striker of the arc rivals of the Gunners as the best striker currently in the Premier League.

The Spanish international has already scored 12 times this season, which includes the hard fought winning goal against West Bromwich Albion on Sunday. This goal has put the forward at the leading position on the leaderboard and also has secured Chelsea to hold the top position in the Premier League table ahead of their rivals from North London side with a difference of three points.

The Chelsea striker has recently been praised by the Arsenal icon in an interview, where he said, “For me, right now, he’s the best striker in the league”

Reportedly, Diego Costa has already matched his number of goals in 13 fewer games than the last season. The former Arsenal captain has mentioned that the striker’s fitness has been a key factor behind this fact and his relationship with the manager Antonio Conte has been also very impressive. “I think he’s fitter, he doesn’t have a problem with his body”, he remarked.

The Gunners legend has praised the nerves of the Chelsea forward as he said, “Sometimes when you’re not well playing a game, sometimes it does play on your mind. If you also end up losing, the run that they had last year doesn’t help, when you’re a guy like Diego Costa, to not lose your mind”

“Do you remember the little argument that they had, him and Antonio Conte? When he said sub, no stay on the field, sub me, and there was some type of disagreement. Since that they have managed to get an understanding, maybe have a talk”, said the Frenchman remembering the argument between Costa and The Blues manager Antonio Conte a few months earlier.

According to the former Arsenal star, as Chelsea have not been a part of the European football in this season, Costa and his other teammates have successfully been getting rid of long hectic schedules just because they are playing fewer games than the other title contenders. The boys from the West London have been using the advantage at their bests. “When you have a certain way of playing, that gives you confidence out on the field, and you can see that right now. Diego Costa is taking advantage of that”, Henry said, “But being fit is also a plus. Not playing in the Champions League, for him with his hamstring problem he’s had for a very long time, it’s a plus. You can see that he’s fresh, that he can repeat runs. When you’re fresh, you see a bit better, you understand a bit better, you’re a bit more calm and also let’s not take that away”

“When you win, and you already score, you smile at players. You’re 1-0 down, 2-0 down, and the guy is taking advantage of you, it’s a bit more difficult to control yourself. Especially for Diego Costa”, added the Arsenal icon.

Photo by Ben Sutherland