Chelsea Winger hits out at club’s loan policy, hails current boss


Chelsea Winger Victor Moses who has become a key figure in the Blues’ squad has praised the Italian for getting the best out of him, however, criticised the club’s loan policy.

Moses joined Chelsea in 2012 from Wigan for £9million yet had shown up just 23 times before Antonio Conte’s arrival at the club.

Until four months back, Victor Moses was the undesirable player in the Chelsea squad, with all the managers sent him out on loan instead of giving him the chance to demonstrate his value at the club.The Nigeria worldwide was a fringe player, being loaned out to Liverpool, Stoke and West Ham between 2013 and 2016. But since the arrival of Antonio Conte he has found a regular place in the starting lineup who has rejuvenated the former Wigan winger into an impressive support to the club’s pursuit for the league title this term.

“Every manager is different. He came in and he saw something, he knew he could work with me,” Moses told Sport Magazine while expressing his admiration for the Chelsea boss.

“During pre-season he came up to me and told me I was going to stay this season, that he didn’t want me to go anywhere on loan. That he believes in me. That gave me a boost, that gave me confidence to actually go out there and express myself more and work hard for it – to help him as well.

“I’m not here to criticise any manager.

“But I will say as a manager, if you have a player you feel is talented, it is important to give them a chance. Obviously, we have a new manager that came in, saw what I’ve got and he gave me the opportunity to go out there and express myself.”

Moses has also spoken up about the struggles that a player on loan has to go through and the 25-year-old has admitted it was a lifestyle that was beginning to have a negative effect on him and his family.

“I’ve been a little bit frustrated, I’m not going to lie,” said Moses.

“You spend about a month-plus in the hotel before you find your own place to stay – stuff there kind of plays in your head, and obviously the kids have to go to another place, go to school.

“I’ve not actually had time to relax. When the season finishes, you have to move back to London again, and those kind of things play in a footballer’s head.”

Moses, who won the EPL Fans’ player of the month award for November, has been lauded as one of the candidates for the player of the year award at Chelsea and his current form has also attracted interests from European heavyweights Barcelona.