Premier League winning skipper picks his choice between Lampard and Gerrard


Since the FIFA World Cup 2002, the Chelsea icon Frank Lampard and Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard have been brought into the limelight raising debate asking the world, who the better player is between them.

Previously, many premier league skippers have described their opinion on this particular debate. Where most of them have represented a diplomatic point of view regarding this topic. But the last season’s title winning skipper Wes Morgan did not follow the other precedents and put the Reds icon ahead of the former Chelsea midfielder.

Reportedly, despite being two of the best midfielders in the football world, they never had remarkably good spells in the international colors. It caused many former England managers to bother about whom to choose in the midfield.

So, in the Christmas countdown, on 8th December, 2016, the Premier League tried to let this debate come to an end by asking the club captains about their preferences on this particular long aged debate.

“I’ve had this debate many times with my mates, (and I pick) Steven Gerrard”, replied the Premier League Champions Leicester City skipper Wes Morgan.

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Morgan defined that Gerrard is capable of being the one man army, as he is able to score for his team when it is required. “He would just score goals when you need it. He can be a one-man team on his day, so yes, for me, I am a Gerrard fan”, he added.

Other Premier League side Watford summer-signing Christian Kabasele was also asked his opinion. He also preferred the former Liverpool skipper over the Chelsea icon and explained his ability of scoring long distance goals behind the selection. As he mentioned, “Steven Gerrard because he can score from long-distance shots and that is very important when the game is close and it is difficult to create chances”

Well, this debate never seems to come to an end because of some personal opinions and choices. But if we look statistically, the Chelsea legend can definitely find himself in a huge leading position, as he scored 211 goals in 648 Chelsea appearances, whereas, the former Liverpool star scored 186 goals in 710 games in Liverpool colors. But for the football fans, irrespective of different explanations and statistics, these two icons will remain the bests forever.

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