Bayern Munich superstar discusses Manchester United move

Mats Hummels discusses move to Manchester United.


Manchester United have bought class in their forward line, midfield but need to instill some class in defense too. Summer signing Eric Bailly is there but United needs another class partner in the heart of their defense.

Who better than Mats Hummels can solidify the Red Devils’ defense? In an interview with Daily Mail, Hummels has discussed about potential move to Old Trafford. Currently in world football, there are not many ball playing centre-halves better than Germany and Bayern Munich star Hummels.

Hummels has revealed that he was very very close to joining United. Back in 2012-13, then manager David Moyes tried to bring him at United. A year later on, Moyes’ successor Louis Van Gaal also persuaded Hummels.

But, the transfer did not happen finally and he stayed at Borussia Dortmund. Though in early 2016, he switched again to Bayern Munich.

On being asked by  Daily Mail how close he was to joining United, Hummels said: “Yes, yes, yes. It was close. Very close.”

“There were talks, several times in the last few years. They were the offers. I had England or one of the three big Spanish clubs.The Spanish interest was loose, loose offers. I don’t like it that way.”

“Nothing got close like the one(Manchester United) from England. Van Gaal wanted me but he wasn’t the only one.”

But, Hummels reveals that there is slim chance of him joining United or any Premier League club at this juncture of his career.

“It is getting difficult for me now to play in England. I’m 28 this month and I’ve signed here for five years.”– answered an honest Hummels.

Much to the delight of United fans, Hummels has jumped in on to support United skipper Wayne Rooney, who has been recently under huge criticism and scrutiny from the media.

‘I don’t like the scrutiny he(Rooney) has been getting,” said Hummels.

”I’m very aware of it. I am very interested in what is happening in England. How many years has he played for Manchester United now? 12? How many years has he been a top player for the English national team? 10? Maybe more? You can’t be at your best all the time.”

Being asked on his proximity to Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, Hummels replied: ”I can’t say I am a Liverpool fan, I don’t have a club in England. I just want Klopp to win. If he was coach of another team, I would support them. I cheer for Klopp!”

A cheeky bid in the region of 40-50 million and Hummels can be yours, United.


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