Revealed: Blow for Arsenal as the Star manager insists he will manage elsewhere


Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone has announced he will one day coach Inter Milan over Arsenal ahead of Atletico’s Champions League visit to Bayern Munich.

Somedays back his own son who plays for Italian side Genoa suggested that Diego Simeone will reject Arsenal for Inter Milan when the time will arrive to leave Atletico Madrid. His son, Gio Simeone said his dad is content for the present, but that the Nerazzurri would likely to be his next stop in management despite linked with Arsenal.

“Sooner or later will arrive the moment when Dad goes to Inter and I hope that this happens,” Giovanni told Corriere Dello Sport.

“Now he’s happy with Atletico and I see him as content, but if in the future he receives a call from Inter, why not? I would like this.”

While talking about the situation ahead of their final Champions League group stage game, EL Cholo has confirmed the news. The Atletico Madrid boss says there is no issue with his child Giovanni expressing that he will mentor Inter later in the future as he has frequently talked about a craving to lead the Italian side later in his career.

He said: “It is normal that my son, my father, my sister, my wife would say that I will train Inter in the future because they know some day I will lead Inter.
“I have nothing to say about my future. It is abundantly clear.”

Simeone’s impressive work as Atletico Madrid boss has resulted in speculation after his contract was shortened by two seasons in September and it was also rumoured that he will one day succeed Arsene Wenger in Arsenal. However, with the current statement of his and his son it can be concluded that Arsenal have to look elsewhere for the Frenchman’s replacement.

Inter have struggled to find a proper replacement since Jose Mourinho left the club and nine managers have come at gone at the club since 2010, with just Roberto Mancini, persisted more than one season. And now with the delightful news, the Blue half of Milan can surely hope for their long needed stability if the Argentine keeps his words.