Chelsea defender marks the challenge from Aguero as ‘Crazy’


Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero was sent off in the last minute of the injury time following a harsh challenge on the Chelsea defender David Luiz in the match, where the Argentine’s team were tasted a 3-1 defeat by the former Premier League Champions.

Chelsea’s standby skipper Garry Cahill was too much disappointed with the tackle conceded by the 28 year old veteran striker as he called it as “Crazy”, despite admitting the tackle against his character.

Aguero was given marching order immediately for his reckless knee high challenge on the Brazilian David Luiz and it was followed by such disappointing act by his teammate Fernandinho as the Brazilian was involved in some mess and was caught holding the collar of Cesc Fabregas. As a result Fernandinho was also sent into the tunnel.

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Cahill was surprised with the act done by the Argentine international, but defined that it will not affect his normal game.

“Maybe it was a bit of frustration”, Cahill said to the reporters. “It was unlike him, it was out of character for him. It looked a bad tackle, out of character, it is disappointing to see that”, he added.

The English defender mentioned that there can be some duels between Aguero and Luiz as they belong to the internationally rivals Argentina and Brazil, but the tackle from Aguero might was out of frustration. “They’d had a battle, him and David, and sometimes a bit of frustration spills over. It was a crazy tackle, not like him”, he explained.

With the victory Chelsea are finding themselves at the top position in the Premier League table with 3 points clear of their arc rivals Arsenal and 4 points clear of Liverpool and Manchester City. Moreover, Chelsea striker Diego Costa is holding the top spot in the leaderboard as the Spanish international has managed to send the ball behind the net for 11 times this season so far.

The standby Chelsea skipper is very impressed with the performance of Costa, who scored the equalizer for the visitors in the Etihad Stadium and provided an assist for Willian. He was also declared Man of the match for his impressive performance.

“I’ve seen more composure from him”, said Cahill. “I know everyone says he’s an angry guy, but I’m seeing that composure now. I’m sure if you asked him, the first-half didn’t go ideally. We were starved of the ball and so was he. He was scrapping around and not getting opportunities”, he added.

Cahill also mentioned that the Spanish international has improved his anger compared to the previous few years. As he said, “In the last few years, maybe he gets frustrated at that point. But he kept his cool and got more involved in the second half”

The Chelsea defender stated Diego Costa and Sergio Aguero as the bests on the pitch but mentioned the Spanish did better in the match. “He’s one of the best going. There were two of the best on the pitch. He has been fantastic, showed maturity and he’s banging goals in. He’s on fire at the minute and we hope that continues”, said Cahill.

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