AFC Bournemouth vs Liverpool FC: 5 talking points of the 7 goal thriller


Honeymoon is over for Liverpool FC and it is high time for Klopp to get back to the board to chalk out new plans. Liverpool lost control in the midfield in absence of their star studded player, Philippe Coutinho and let the game slip out of their grasp eventually.

Liverpool started the game very well. They dominated the possession and took a early 2 goal lead from Boruc’s disaster. AFC Bournemouth pulled one after the break before Emre Can doubled the lead again. Then disaster hit Liverpool right at the end when Fraiser pulled the Cherries right back into the game and a horrendous display from the Liverpool back line and Karius gave them the lead. There were five major talking points of today’s game.

1. This is not Liverpool’s season: Liverpool do not have the squad depth or the defense to go on to win the league. Their defense has been shaky for the past 4 seasons and till not sorted. One thing can be clearly said that Lucas is not a viable option for whole 90 minutes and they need permanent centre backs at least for the EPL fixtures.

2. Goalkeeping woes: Mignolet and Karius are basically the same face of the two coins. The German is still shaky and needs to step up as there is no vocal leader in the defense. Liverpool does not have any option but to play Karius. So, he better step up before the season goes downhill.

3. Absence of Klavan: Klavan is the regular back up option for Liverpool. But why was Lucas there to replace Joel Matip instead of Klavan is beyond explanation. Lucas is only good enough to scramble for final minutes of the game as he is not fast or skillful enough to play the whole game.

4. Timidity of Henderson: Liverpool was looking for vocal leader on the pitch after conceding the second. Henderson was putting all in along with Milner. But Liverpool lacked the leadership qualities which is long gone after the retirements of both Gerrard and Carragher. Maybe a scouse is needed in the side to pull this team in those dying moments.

5. Genius Eddie Howe: There are not many teams in the league that can come from two goals behind against Liverpool and there won’t be many to do that in the future. Eddie’s substitution were spot on and were backed by the fans too.One thing can be assured after today’s fixture. The Cherries are staying up for sure and will give a chase for the top half finish.

These were our talking points of the game. What are your views. Let us know in the comments below.

Photo by liverweb