Analysis : Is DeMarcus Cousins the best center in the league?

DeMarcus Cousins has been extremely effective for Sacramento Kings in recent times.


With each passing game, it seems more and more evident that DeMarcus Cousins is the best big man in the game right now.

Dwight Howard, DeAndre Jordan, Andre Drummond are some of the names to rival the man from Sacramento but none can come close to his vast skill set. Never have we seen a player so dominant on the inside along with the shooting ability that Cousins possesses right now. Kristaps Prozingis, Anthony Davis are two layers who are fast on the rise, but Prozingis doesn’t have the game right now and Davis is too injury prone to put them ahead of the Kings center.

Cousins may not be playing for a playoff team, but his talent is unquestioned. For a man his size, Cousins has excellent handles and is not afraid to put the ball on the floor. He is not averse to dribbling past his marker and is a genuine threat on fast breaks. Much like Shaq in his early years, Cousins runs the floor hard and is known for fast break dunks and chase down blocks. He is a real threat whenever he catches the ball near the elbow, a position where he has a number of moves for He can shoot the ball, pass for an assist and also dribble to the rim.

Cousins has also developed into a good shooter from the three point line, becoming  more and more reliable as time goes on. He is one of the few big men who can do this. As for his inside game, there is probably no one better than him. His strength, physical presence and moves make him a nightmare to guard. He can muscle his way to the bucket, or use his silky feet to out fox his opponents. He is a good rebounder and shot blocker, always placed near the top of the league rankings in both categories.

Yes he plays for a small market team and gets a majority of the ball in a system that is built around him, but that still doesn’t take away anything from his skill and talent. His temperament remains under question and if he can curb his emotions and channel them better, he can surely go down as one of the best centers in the league ever.

As for the other pretenders, DeAndre Jordan was selected last year as the starting center in the All’NBA First team, but it needs to be understood that his free throw shooting and overall offensive game is no where close to that of DeMarcus Cousins’. Jordan is a good rebounder and shot blocker and overall defender, but his offensive inut is limited to put backs and alley oops. Similarly, the offensive game of Andre Drummond is also not very refined. Howard was the best center till Cousins came along, but he has been no where close to his best ever since his injury and Orlando Magic days.

In the coming years, expect good competition between Prozingis, Davis, Cousins and Drummond for the top billing, but for now, it looks like Bogie is here to stay.


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