Ball tampering : Virat Kohli finally reacts to the English media allegations

Virat Kohli says that he does not read newspapers and these allegations never affect him.


Ahead of the third India-England Test in Mohali, topic of discussion moved on from the pitches to ball tampering with Indian captain Virat Kohli in the limelight for allegedly using an artificial substance at the Rajkot Test.

When asked about the allegations, the 28-year-old said he did not even have to think much about it because no one from the ICC contacted him. But he also added that the incident had taken the focus away from the on-field action.

“To me, a newspaper article doesn’t matter over the decision of ICC. We as cricketers respect that only. And allegations and speculations? I don’t read newspapers so I’m not aware of these things, someone told me and I laughed it off. Some people are trying to take the focus away from the series – good luck to them. But we’re totally focused on what we have to do. It happened in Australia when South Africa won the series. I’m surprised the issue of what I’ve been told came up in Rajkot but there was no mention until the result in Vizag,” the right-hander said on Friday.

At present, Kohli and his men are on a 15-match unbeaten run in Tests and speaking about this feat, he said that it was a challenge for the team to keep it going and expressed happiness over how the entire unit stood up and performed.

The Decision Review System (DRS) has recently come under the spotlight and when asked about the technology, Kohli said that the DRS helped in making sure that the correct call had been made and stood by the umpire’s call element, explaining that the benefit of the doubt has to go to the person on the field.

India and England will meet in Mohali for the third Test which is scheduled to begin on Saturday and Virat Kohli will be looking forward to guiding his team to win once again.


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Photo by himanisdas