Plan revealed: Alexis Sanchez wants to emulate what Lionel Messi does


Alexis Sanchez has been given the new role of striker this season by Arsene Wenger.

Alexis in his whole career has seldom played in that position but Wenger was convinced that the Chilean may thrive in that particular role. Despite some early stutters, Alexis has so far been so good in his new role through the middle, particularly a goal in the match against Sunderland showed his vivid progress as a central Striker player.

But it is only natural that Alexis himself is watching other players for inspiration and learning. Since his Udinese days, he has played along side some top strikers that has continued both in Spain and England with Barcelona and now with Arsenal. But Alexis is trying to emulate only one of his former teammates to evolve himself as a perfect no. 9 player.

During an interview to Arsenal Player, Alexis revealed that the player is none other than Lionel Messi, his former teammate in Barcelona. “I like the way that Lionel Messi Plays”, he said.

“He likes to drop deep and let other players run on ahead of him, like Jordi Alba, Dani Alves  and myself, when I used to play on the right there then look to find him in the middle again.”

Sanchez was a part of the destructive Barcelona trio and together they have scored many goals.

Alexis also shrugged off the false nine role when he was asked about that. He made it clear that he is not really having a false nine role at Arsenal as he loves to be involved in the game rather than chasing the ball. He has the opportunity to drop deep and link up with his team mates, so that gives him ample chances to hold the ball and pass.

Sanchez has scored 8 goals for Arsenal so far this season. With Olivier Giroud back from the injury, it is to see whether Alexis still persists as Wenger’s through the middle man or he is reverted back to his original winger role.

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