Revealed: Jose Mourinho to extend Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s Contract


Manchester United will extend Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s one-year contract by another year, confirms manager Jose Mourinho.

Ibrahimovic, who scored 62 goals in 116 games for Sweden before retiring from international football in June, left French champions Paris St-Germain at the end of last season. He joined United on a free transfer from Paris St Germain in the summer on a one-year-old with the option to extend it for a further one more year.

After a slow start to his maiden premier league campaign, there were reports that the Swedish could move to the Unites States in MLS next year following his contract’s end. But while talking on the eve of Manchester United’s clash against Dutch side Feyenoord in a crucial Uefa League tie, the Portuguese boss dismissed all the rumours saying he wants him to stay at Old Trafford for one more year.

Mourinho said: “Zlatan’s situation is simple – he has one plus one year at the club and we are happy with him and we are going to execute the option of a second season. He is happy, he’s committed and he is loving his life as a football player at Manchester United and this is probably the last big challenge of his wonderful career. I think it is perfect for him to be here for 18 months more, and then he owns the decision about his future.”

While Zlatan has mentioned that he will only remain with the club next term if he feels he can do himself justice and maintain his position in the club.

He said: “For the moment we haven’t had any discussions. I have a contract that says one plus one so I feel good, I feel fresh, I feel in shape and physically if I feel like now, probably it will be a second year.

“I want to be realistic with myself and if I’m here I want to be able to perform like I can do and not waste time. But like it is now, probably yes, but I need discussions we haven’t had.

“The second year goes automatic after one – so that is no word from me or no word from them. It goes automatic after certain things so if it continues like this, yes.”

While Ibrahimovic’s finishing hasn’t been very accurate as it could have been, he is still United’s top scorer this season with six goals in the league and is, all in all, respected as an example by the younger individuals from United’s squad. But while he’s presumably not scoring and performing on a regular basis in a new environment and gameplay, it’ll be a reason for some worry if he remains the first choice forward in 18 months time.


Photo by Erik Cleves Kristensen

Photo by Charles_Talbot