REVEALED : Does the BCCI owe money to England players?


The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), as per latest reports, owes £80,000 to the visiting team who are presently touring India for a five-match Test series.

Tour manager for England team, Phil Neale has been in constant touch with the BCCI to speed up the process of paying daily allowances for the officials and players, as reported the Telegraph.

The tourists have been in the country for 20 days now but they have not yet been given their daily £50 living allowance by the board. It is a protocol for the hosts to pay the visitors their daily stipend and travel and hotel costs. Also, on a related note, according to the report, the Indian players and the umpires have been paid their expenses.

The expenses amount to £80,000 for the 17 England players and the staff who have traveled to India. Although cash flow is not a problem for the England cricket team it is a matter of principle that the board hosting the matches pays its dues.

Before the tour began, the BCCI had written a letter to Neale clarifying that it would not be able to provide expenses for the tourists as restrictions were imposed on their finances by the Supreme Court.

Another thing that has made the situation worse for the visiting team is the demonetization which took place just two days before the first Test match. The Indian government decided to scrap the 500 (£6) and the 1,000 (£12) rupee notes which have resulted in quite a lot of chaos.

The Indian cricketers have been paid in 100 rupee notes which have forced them to move around with huge amount of cash. The English players and the support staff, on the other hand, are using their debit and credit cards to pay for hotel and other basic living expenses.

The BCCI has often come under the scanner for news not pleasant to cricket fans and it would be interesting to see how they handle this ongoing issue with the touring England side.


Photo by lensbug.chandru