Controversy : Alan Mullally reveals why he called Wasim Akram an idiot


Alan Mullally, the former England cricketer may not have been one of the best in his business, but surely he grabbed a lot of attention with his controversies.

The 47-year-old who made his debut back 1996 against India spoke to ESPNCricinfo on Monday regarding his autobiography and revealed some of the controversial instances from his career.

The left-arm pacer discloses that he had once called Wasim Akram an idiot during a Test match. Although he was not a bloke who could be trusted with the bat, he turned out to be an entertainer every time he got the chance. He was quoted as saying, “I didn’t take myself seriously with the bat. Of course, I was shit. But I loved it.”

Mullally was such a bad player that coach David Lloyd said he would buy 30 pints of Guinness if Mullally could hit more than 30 runs in an innings. He explained, “Lloyd said he’d buy me 30 pints of Guinness if I could score 30 against Pakistan. I got to 24, gave the dressing room the signal to get them in, and then Wasim Akram bowled me with a slower ball. Walking off, I told him that he was an idiot because he could have shared the Guinness with me. Wasim said that if I’d told him about Bumble’s promise, he would have bowled half-volleys to get me to 30.”

He further recalled his banter with Steve Waugh and Glenn McGrath. “Steve Waugh tried to give me his mental disintegration,” he said.

Mullally also recalled an instance where he shut Waugh’s mouth in a Test match. He explained how he bowled round the wicket and Waugh blocked it. Following that, he said, ‘What do you follow-through so far for, Mullally? Anyone would think you’re a fast bowler.’ And Alan said said, ‘Look, Mr Stephen Waugh, the reason I follow through so far is because I’m a very poor athlete and it takes a long time to put the brakes on.’

It can be said beyond doubt that Allan Mullaly has certainly had his fair share of on field controversies.

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Photo by Arijit Basak