Breaking news : Brian Lara signs a contract in Australia


Former West Indies captain Brian Lara has signed a contract with a New South Wales pub cricket team when he was offered to play for them on his visit to Hunter Valley in Sydney.

The 47-year old, who played for his country the last time in 2007, signed on the contract before questioning, “What time do we play tomorrow?”

As reported by Sydney Morning Herald, the local cricketers found Lara to be “very approachable”, even as they accidentally met him at a hotel bar and grabbed this perfect opportunity to rope in the biggest name in the game.

Lara was in town for a few public events, and was at the Albion Hotel in Wickham when the local players approached him. The contract form was printed at the bar itself, and was readily signed by Lara without much thinking. Afterwards, the documents were submitted to the Newcastle C & S Association with a photo of Lara, along with an email that confirmed “this is not hoax”.

The legendary batsman also posed with the team players, after sportingly agreeing to sign the contract soon after it was offered. Each of the teammates were delighted to meet the former world record holder for the highest runs in Tests.

The Trinidadian, who has an impressive batting resume, scored 11,953 runs in 131 Tests and 10405 runs in 299 one-day internationals. He also holds the record for the highest individual score in a Test match – an unbeaten 400 against England in 2004.

Early this year, he was seen playing for the Leo Lions in the Masters Champions League. Prior to that, he played for Sachin Tendulkar’s side in the All Stars tournament that was held in the United States of America last year.


The celebrations in the local cricket club must have begun on a grand scale. To keep yourself updates with the latest news of Brian Lara, keep following us!

Photo by p_a_h