Olympics Bizarre: Will it Be a Full House in Tokyo 2020?


Could it be eyes down for a gold medal at the 2020 Olympics? As strange as it may sound, there are calls for bingo to be introduced into the programme for the next Olympic games. It might be the only time two older ladies get mentioned in the Olympics but could this really be on the bingo cards?


Eyes Down for a Medal

Until recently, it was often felt that bingo was mostly played by the older generation and the occasional university student hoping a full house might pay off some of what they owe for their studies. However, in the last twenty years, technology has changed the look of many traditional games and bingo has become one of the new iGaming hypes.

Thanks to multiple variants of the game, easy access to mobile apps and an enhanced social aspect, online bingo has gained increasing popularity. Sites like bgo.com also have special promotions such 200% extra first deposit bonus to entice new players, while Sun Bingo offers £5 free bonus and Diva Bingo has a £50 welcome package when players deposit £10.

At the end of 2015 there were more than 400 online bingo sites in the UK alone and online bingo revenue was already estimated at £640 million in the UK in 2013. So it’s no wonder bingo has applied to the International Olympic Committee through an operator who argued that the “alertness, observational skills and sportsmanship” needed for the game mean bingo should have a chance of being included.

There’s certainly some truth in those claims. Anyone who has played the game (sport?), will know the levels of concentration that are needed and the dark glare you give anyone who dares talk while the all-important numbers are being called. Players also have to keep track of several cards at the same time and display mental agility to work out when they have a winning card. Like with chess or poker, bingo takes brains to play and comes with a lot of pressure when you are only one number off a jackpot – it is just as much as Andy Murray trying to win match point in tennis. There probably won’t be any problems with doping if bingo is introduced to the Olympics. Perhaps a few too many coffees.

Competitors from All Four Corners

Those calling for bingo to be in the Olympics certainly know how popular it is all over the world. It might be good news for those smaller nations that struggle to get on the Olympic medal table. Even those in the Solomon Islands might have a chance to receive a medal and players of all ages will be able to take part.

If you dream of being an Olympic Champion then you can enjoy hours of practice on the bgo site where they have 75-ball, 90-ball or even multi-room bingo games to play. Indeed, you’ll need plenty of practice over the coming years if you’re going to make it to your national team. Get yourself used to those dabbers, learn the lingo and make sure your voice is loud enough when shouting House or whatever the Japanese equivalent will be. It’d be such a shame to not be heard and perhaps only end up with a silver medal.

 With plans already advanced for the next Olympics there may already be a full house of sports in Tokyo. You can’t deny though that bingo can be a lot more exciting than some current Olympic sports. What would you rather watch, bingo or yet another baffling dressage session or less-than-thrilling wrestling bout…? So prepare yourself for the day that winning number might just make you an Olympic Champion.

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Photo by jacilluch