Price of Football : Premier League cuts cost of tickets to increase the popularity


Football Fans all around the World indulge in debates stating the reasons for their belief in the supremacy of their league over the others around the world. While the Premier league enthusiasts boast of the closely fought out games in their league making the title race more enthralling for the fans, the Bundesliga fans credit the fact that their league develops and nurtures home grown talent.

One startling observation is that Bundesliga clubs have finished second best in European cup ties against their opponents from the Premier league on a frequent basis. This is somewhat ironical considering the hiding that the German national team gives to the English national team in international fixtures.

The Premier League does enjoy a huge edge over the others considering the massive revenue they generate every season with the league’s popularity attracting big brands as sponsors. Chevrolet signed a 71 million kit sponsorship  deal with Manchester United while Bayern Munich’s deal gets them a paltry 33 million sum which is a pittance in comparison.

English Clubs are able to attract the best talent around the world as they can afford to splurge on high wages and transfer Fees with only Barcelona and Real Madrid having the ability to match or even outbid them. Javi Martinez moving to Bayern Munich for 40 million Euros is the biggest transfer ever in Bundesliga while Paul Pogba moved for approximately 105 million euros to Manchester United, currently the biggest transfer ever in world football.

However the Premier League Clubs drew criticism from fans and experts alike with their expensive season and match-day ticket pricing. Bundesliga has one of the cheapest rates amongst all the leagues in the world making the league fan-friendly which has been successful as evident from their league attendances.

Arsenal especially left a lot of fans disgruntled when they priced their match day tickets at the highest amongst all the clubs in the league. This along with the club’s inactivity in the transfer market left the fans extremely dissatisfied .

The 2016-19 Premier League TV rights deal which brought in 100 million pounds for the top flight Clubs, has had a positive impact on this. The clubs have woken up from their slumber and have put in concrete efforts to ensure that the fans get the best experience possible .
The Premier League’s season ticket average has reduced to 480 Pounds from 489. Clubs like Hull and Liverpool along with Manchester City have reduced their cheapest matchday tickets.

Fan forums have been established where fans can discuss next season’s ticket pricing. Pricing for tickets in case of away matches has been capped at 30 Pounds. 4 million tickets have been discounted through early bird renewals and concessions. This has resulted in attracting over 500000 season ticket holders across three divisions for the first time.

The fact that some Premier League clubs were looking to mint money at the expense of their loyal fans did not go unnoticed and thankfully concrete steps were taken in this regard. The average cost of Premier League tickets has come down this season which will no wonder make the working class much happier. All of this has come at one expense though which is an increase in replica shirt prices.

This decrease in pricing is another positive step taken which will surely take the Premier League one step closer to becoming the best in the World.

Photo by Ronnie Macdonald