Arsenal star says that he can be a role model for young generation


Arsenal defender Shkodran Mustafi spoke out on how he can inspire the young generation and how he can be regarded as their role model, especially for the kids living in Germany after coming from another country.

The Arsenal defender was born in Germany to Albanian parents and a Germany international with Albanian roots, Shkodran Mustafi is just one of a number of footballers helping to pave the way for multi-national players.

He thinks that his rise to the top can inspire the upcoming talents to feel that they can do the same even if they have different cultural roots. Mustafi said that it’s normal for players like him. Mesut Ozil and others have also been born in Germany and they have lived their life there, so it’s not difficult for them to feel anything strange regarding their original roots.

“We don’t really think about it, it’s more that people say, ‘There are so many players who play for Germany who are not really German or are half German’, but it’s not important. You have to identify yourself with who you are playing for, whether it’s your country or your club, and that’s it,” Mustafi said.

The Arsenal defender remembers his grandfather whom he loved and respected very much, he had to leave his family from Albania and settle at Germany. So a kid from any part of the world can improve and establish himself anywhere in the world, according to Shkodran, and he is ready to give the strength and inspire them to forget the past and live in the present, while keeping the right eye on future.

The German International also believe that disciplined behaviour and a right kind of attitude is important to become a role model, “In football you have so much pressure – not only to perform, but to behave, because the whole world is looking at you. There is so much pressure, to do all the things right. As soon as you don’t, you will read about it in the newspapers.”

The Arsenal star wants to keep that in mind that he has to pave the right path for the children who are looking up at him, and for that he has to maintain the discipline both off and on the field.

Shkodran Mustafi has always been a soft spoken and well behaved person and his rise to the top from a difficult childhood has taught him to obey all the virtues of life which makes him happy, so he has to behave good and be disciplined as children are going to do what their role model does.

Photo by jikatu