Coutinho da Magician : Should he leave Liverpool for bigger glory?


Philippe Coutinho is one of the most talked about superstars in world football, right now.

The Brazilian is being described as the best Premier League performer of the season, so far. His blistering form helps Liverpool to stay on the top of the Premier League, at least for now. He has already scored 5 goals and 5 assists in 11 appearances in the Premier League, this season. Not only those, his other stats have been also impressive this season.  He has created 30 chances and took 17 on target shots which are almost 3 chances and more than 1.5 on target shots per game on average. Then it is rumored that teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona are ready to pay millions of money to acquire his service. He is very impressive in Brazil colours, too.  He scored a hat-trick against Haiti and now scored two goals in last two matches for the green and yellow against Bolivia and Argentina. No wonder, he is the prime target for so many teams. But should he leave Liverpool for those clubs? Let’s have a quick lookout.

First of all, his game has changed a lot since the arrival of Jurgen Klopp. He had a tendency to cut inside from the left flank and shoot from long distances. He scored some spectacular goals but sometimes he let his team down by taking unnecessary shots. He was dubbed as ‘inconsistent’ by football pundits. He was also accused of not tracking back to help the defence. Now, everything is changing. He is scoring some glorious goals as well as he is spotting some of his teammates in better position.

Klopp helps him to read the game very carefully. Under the pressing system of the German, he is tracking back and taking the balls back. These are some interesting stats about him. He has won 81.3% of his tackles and he has completed 58 recoveries, 8 interceptions and 2 clearances which are remarkable. There should be no doubt that Klopp helped to him to grow as a player. He is much more improved now. So, he should stick to the Merseyside under the German’s tutelage.

Secondly, Philippe Coutinho is forming some brilliant partnerships with Roberto Firmino, Adam Lallana and Sadio Mane. They could become a force to reckon with. Their understanding is so great that they can telegraph the movements and passes. He should have to build fresh with new partners if he decides to leave. In a new league with new playing style, he may need time to adapt. This can cut his momentum. And finally, he may not be a regular starter in the main two interested clubs, Barcelona and Real Madrid. There are already some capable players there to fight him for the place and they have enough resources to bring new in the future. It will be a wise decision if he stays at Liverpool for some more time.

Lots of players had left Liverpool for lack of ambition in the near past. But under Jurgen Klopp, they are now an aspiring team hoping for a championship fight. Though it is too early to say, but lots of things have changed under Klopp, especially the ambition. Coutinho might become a part of a revolution if he stays. According to his former coach, the Brazillian wants to stay. Barcelona legend Xavi hailed Coutinho as one of the best in Europe. The Spaniard advised him to play under Klopp though he thinks Coutinho will suit to Barcelona perfectly. But, finally it’s his decision.

So, what do you think about him? Should he continue with Liverpool? Tell us in the comment below

All the stats are taken from Opta.

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