Revealed: Arsene Wenger selects his favourite away stadium


Arsene Wenger has disclosed his favourite Premier League ground in a recent interview. He was asked about his favourite destination and the Frenchman revealed that Anfield is his favourite ground and he enjoys the special atmosphere at the ground.

Liverpool fans may well be delighted with that but it is true that the pre game ambience at Anfield is unique and amazing.

The Gunners manager told Bein Sport“My favourite stadium with biggest fanbase with the most heated atmosphere is Liverpool because there’s special vibes there.

“The song before the game, You’ll Never Walk alone, the history of the club and the stadium itself.”

He also added that the passion of the supporters binds the soul and that makes a heated and supportive atmosphere at Anfield.

Arsene also had a say about his former helm Highbury. Arsenal’s spiritual home before their move to Emirates was one of the buzzing place to go and the manager recalls that as well.

“Before it was Highbury. It had a special soul. Now it’s Everton, Liverpool, Newcastle was great too.

“Football is like what it was 30 years ago because of the environment of the game,” he further added.

There is no doubt that a close packed and densely arranged stadium always offers the best of atmosphere. The compactness, stands closer to pitch and passion of the supporters makes it a fortress for the home team.

Arsene may haven’t  mentioned Emirates because Arsenal’s new home almost never produces the best of atmospheres, and is critcized for more of a dull atmosphere. A section of Gunners faithfuls have always complained about the ground’s atmosphere and may be their manager thinks so.

Wenger’s recent visits to Anfield hasn’t been too good for them, as they haven’t managed a win at Anfield since 2012-13 season. Arsenal have been involved in a 8 goal thriller at Anfield in the past when Andrey Arshavin scored 4 for the North London side. Arsenal will make another trip to Anfield on March 4 to face Klopp’s Liverpool.

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