Heart-touching : Rochdale FC do something special for their 5 year old fan


Football is no doubt something that is broader and bigger than life and death according to millions of football supporters. Someone may argue with this but one thing for sure, football can do such things that can’t be done by any other sports. A few days ago, Rochdale FC did something heart touching for one of their tiny fans that will be remembered by the world.

Rochdale named five-year-old Joshua McCormack on their bench for last Wednesday’s Checkatrade Trophy clash with Hartlepool.

Joshua became club’s youngest signing as they officially announced the signing of the kid as well. Joshua is one of their tiny fans, but the sad part is he is suffering from a terminal stage brain tumour. He was unable to come to the park as he is severely ill, but Rochdale’s manager Keith Hill hung his shirt with no. 55 and also his name was placed in the team sheet.

“It is a real honour to name Joshua McCormack as a substitute for tonight’s game,” Hill told Rochdale’s website. “He has touched the hearts of everyone at Rochdale Football Club since we met him for the first time back in February. No child should have to go through what Joshua is going through and we, as a club and a group of players, will continue to do whatever we can to support him and his family.”

It was a fitting end as Rochdale won the game and after taking the lead players went to the touch line and hold his shirt placed at the substitute’s bench as well, which was obviously an emotional moment. The players of Rochdale went to meet their young colleague the next day and gave him his match day kit.

Joshua, who is one of Rochdale’s supporters was diagnosed with Brain tumour last year and this September his family got the devastating news that the disease is terminal.

Even in February, the club handed over some money to his family for Joshua’s treatment but all the efforts have gone in vain. The McCormack family thanked the club for their gesture, who also made little Joshua their mascot for a match in August.

Photo by Gordon Marino