VIDEO : The longest penalty ever to be taken in footballing history


Sometimes football is just a mad game with some insane rules to chaperone it, but life gets intensive when craziness ushers in.

Something similar to what I just mentioned happened long back in an international game (Olympic qualifiers) in 2004 between Serbia and Tunisia. The two sides were locked at 1-1 when Tunisia were awarded a penalty kick for a foul inside the box.

Up came the most experienced striker of the Tunisia side, Mohamed Jedidi (who played for Asswehly S.C) to take the penalty and he scored confidently at the far corner to give them the much-needed lead.

At least, he thought so.

Referee Charles Ariiotima from Tahiti ordered the penalty to be taken again and again after Tunisian players were accused of encroachment as Mohamed Jedidi found the net successfully for the next two times yet again. He then had the fourth kick saved by the Serbian goalkeeper Nikola Milojevic who doesn’t play club or international football any longer. Again, Ariiotima (the referee) was unhappy, claiming that it was the Serbian players who had drifted into the 18-yard area after a chat with the linesman.

The Europeans were accused of the same offence on the fifth kick, which again was stopped by Milojevic. Incredibly, the 25-year-old Jedidi kept his nerve to legally convert the sixth kick which was ultimately declared to be the final one when finally Tunisia got the lead.

According to the law book of football:

“The referee allows the kick to be taken
If the ball enters the goal, a goal is awarded
If the ball does not enter the goal, the kick is retaken”

Many people started a riot after the game for such a stupid hassle being created by the referees, but since the rule doesn’t mention advantage, we might even jump to the conclusion of “the ball is dead if the keeper saves it” theory from the early nineteen hundreds. What people failed to realise that NO rule in the book mentions the possibility of an advantage, because Law 5 clearly states:

“The referee may play advantage whenever an infringement or offence occurs.”

Well to be on the brighter side, the referee and the linesman are both safe and officiating till date. Thank god and humanity!

Let us take a look at that hilarious penalty sequence here:


Photo by faungg’s photos