SHOCKING : Barcelona Superstar could face trial on corruption charges


A Spanish judge has acknowledged corruption charges against Barcelona footballer Neymar for irregularities in regards to his transfer to Barcelona, opening the way for a trial.

Investment fund DIS revived the case on Monday, which claims it was scammed during Neymar’s 2013 move to Barcelona.The fund formerly possessed the transfer rights to the Brazilian. The charges which are denied by Neymar and his parents were dropped in July but Spain’s Supreme Court ordered Judge Jose de la Mata to reopen the case in September .

Brazilian investment group DIS also lodged a complaint against Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu and Ex president Sandro Rosell who are likewise set to stand the trial.

The Spanish court said Neymar, his dad and agent Neymar Da Silva Santos and his mom Nadine Goncalves, a 50 percent shareholder of the family organization N&N, will also be accused on a corruption charges.

Judge de la Mata said: “If the objective of this contract was to directly alter the free market of players, then it is reasonable to think that the two officers (Rosell and Bartomeu) were just as responsible for the decision and aware of its illegality. Both knew the full circumstances when they decided to sign this contract.”

The Barcelona Superstar’s previous club in Brazil, Santos, have experienced harsh criticism for the way the move was finished in 2013. And now investigations have additionally fixated on how Barca supposedly hid an underlying contract to poach the player two years prior, in 2011.

DIS possessed 40 percent of Neymar’s sporting rights when the player’s transfer to the Spanish giants happened and the organization claims Barcelona kept the deal under the wrap and hid the real fee.

The club – which has officially consented to pay 5.5 million euros to Spanish tax organization in connection to the case had at first said they paid 57.1 million euros for Neymar yet later said the cost was closer 100 million.

With Monday’s decision by National Court judge Jose de la Mata, prosecutors will have 10 days to formalize their demand for a trial. The decision was normal after prosecutors won a speak to keep the case alive two months prior.

Neymar is not the only Barcelona star to have been included in a tax default scandal as his team-mate Mascherano and Argentine international Lionel Messi were also found guilty of a similar offence in recent times.

Photo by Doha Stadium Plus