10 unbelievable facts about Indian cricket that we bet you didn’t know!


The history of Indian cricket dates back to 1848, a mammoth 166 years, and yet there are thousands of things that we don’t know that we don’t know about our country’s most south after sport. Here we look into some of those that we bet you will get amazed to here it.

1. Against England, at Lord’s in 1990, India needed 24 runs to avoid the follow-on, with 1-wicket in hand. After playing the first 2 balls of the over defensively Kapil Dev hit off-spinner Eddie Hemmings for 4 consecutive sixes (the only time this has ever been done), to avoid the follow-on. Next ball number 11 batsman Narendra Hirwani was dismissed by Angus Fraser.

2. India is the only country to win the 60-Over, 50-Over and 20-Over World Cup
Apart from India, West Indies are the only team to have won a 60-Over World Cup. The country had previously won the World T20 in Sri Lanka in the year 2012, but are yet to win a 50-Over World Cup.

3. Sunil Gavaskar was out off the very first ball of a Test match thrice in his cricketing career. He is the first batsman to reach 10,000 Test runs and score 34 Test centuries, but on three occasions he was out on the first ball of the Test. Bowlers to dismiss him were Geoff Arnold (Edgbaston, 1974), Malcolm Marshall (Kolkata, 1984) and Imran Khan (Jaipur, 1987).

4. Chinnaswamy Stadium at Bangalore is World’s First Solar powered Cricket Stadium.

5. Ishant Sharma is responsible for all the three highest scores made by a batsman against India in the 21st century. In fact, all three scores were possible Sharma dropped catches early on in their innings. Alistair Cook — 294 Runs (Edgbaston 2011), Michael Clarke — 329 Runs (Sydney 2012), Brendon McCullum — 302 Runs (Wellington 2014).

6. Sourav Ganguly was the only Indian captain to score a century in the knockout stages of a World Cup.

7. Sachin Tendulkar got out for a duck only once in his entire Ranji Trophy cricketing career. And guess who the bowler was? None other than a young Bhuvneshwar Kumar!

8. The Indian Cricket team jersey and bottoms used in 2015 world cup was made out of an average of 33 recycled plastic bottles.

9. Bishen Singh Bedi once forfeited an ODI match between India and Pakistan, because of the excessive use of bouncers by the Pakistani Bowlers especially, Sarfraz Nawaz, (the pioneer of Reverse Swing Bowling)! India needed 23 runs from 14 balls with 8 wickets in hand when this happened!

10. Sunil Gavaskar was nearly switched at birth! This is one scary story. When he was born, his uncle noticed a small hole near the top of his left ear lobe. On visiting the next day, however, his uncle couldn’t see the hole and raised an alarm at the hospital. Finally, Sunny was found sound asleep beside a fisherwoman in the next bed. How the babies were switched remains a mystery, but if it went unnoticed, the result would probably have been disastrous for Indian cricketing history.

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Photo by public.resource.org

Photo by public.resource.org


  1. Ganguly is not the only Indian batsman to score a century in knockout stages of World-cup. Rohit Sharma scored 137 in the 2nd quarter final game of 2015 world-cup against Bangladesh.