Unearthing Joaquin Ardaiz: The next Uruguayan talent who loves Chelsea and Liverpool


South America is the land of flairs and in terms of football, the flairs are even more prominent. It has always been the abode of world class footballers who has reigned supreme in world arena.

Since the turn of the century, the likes of Lionel Messi, Neymar, Alexis Sanchez and Luis Suarez have all made the switch at an early age to carve out hugely successful careers. For players, there’s never been a better era for accomplishing dreams in the club game as well as on the international scene. For clubs, acquiring this hot raw talent at a premature stage allows more time to help them unlock their full potential.

Today we shall look at another bright prospect of Latin America who may well be a star in Europe in near future, Joaquin Ardaiz.

Joaquin Ardaiz (source: Metro)
Joaquin Ardaiz (source: Metro)

Joaquin Ardaiz may not be a familiar name to most of our viewers, but he is one of the hottest talents in South America. He is a striker who currently plays for Danubio FC, a Uruguayan top flight club.

World class Strikers are a rare breed, and when you hear that a 17 year old tall striker is compared with Luis Suarez and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, you are bound to be interested. He is regarded as a top talent and his traits speak for himself. It can’t be denied that the 6 ft lanky striker has the potential to reach to the very top. Ardaiz has enjoyed a productive start to life in senior football and is already attracting the attentions of Barcelona and Real Madrid among others. Premier League clubs Liverpool and Manchester City are believed to be tracking his progress too whilst Porto have been long-term admirers of the Uruguayan.


  • He has some really admirable attributes, mainly his aerial ability and a crisp left foot.
  • The tall player has the stature that gives him advantage aerially and his left foot strikes are also something that deserves a note.
  • He has been used a lone striker in Danubio and so far has netted 3 goals in 6 games this season.
  • He is good with his back to goal and utilizes the power to shield the ball.
  • The young starlet also inherits a good pressing play that dismantles defenders. He has neat control of the ball and his skills, and aggression reminisces of Ibrahimovic.
Joaquin Ardaiz (source: El Diario)
Joaquin Ardaiz (source: El Diario)


  • The young man do has some areas to rectify in order to become a better footballer. He relies too much on his left foot and that can lead to some easy predictability which can expose him in the bigger leagues.
  • He needs to control his aggression. Being a lanky and powerful player, his style of game attracts some rough challenges and he tends to loose his temper. He has already been involved in some fights with his opponents and that requires to be amended. Emotion has got better of him in the pitch and a controlled aggression will be beneficial for Ardaiz.

Recent Talks:

Though some elite clubs are tracking his progress and may be looking to sign him in near future, Ardaiz may be ending up playing for a more modest club if he makes his move to Europe.

Ardaiz himself revealed that a talk with Suarez has made him realise that he needs regular game time and for that may be a move to a smaller club in Europe will be ideal. The youngster added, “I like Chelsea and Liverpool. I love the Premier League and want to play there. I’ve been working very hard on the physical side of my game to get to England.”

Currently he is still in Uruguay with Danubio, but a move to a European outfit is on the cards for Joaquin. The budding talent is still at his tender days and has all the times and potential to reach the pinnacle of football. So far it has been positive, time will tell what happens in the future. For now, we can just say, remember the name Joaquin Ardaiz.

Photo by jikatu