How did Pro Kabaddi League help India retain the Kabaddi World Cup?


India retained their reign in the just concluded Kabaddi World Cup held in Ahmedabad. The host nation are the best team without a doubt and the expectations were high, and the team provided the best and snatched victory to retain their silverware. India beat Iran in the Final. But the role of Pro Kabaddi League played a huge part in the recent success of the team and the emergence of the game in India, among the spectators.

India are mostly known as a cricket nation but the franchise tournament Pro Kabaddi League showed even Kabaddi has it’sown place among the supporters. Star Sports launched the tournament in 2014 and since then it has got success beyond imagination. Beside the household cricket names, the likes of Anup Kumar, Rahul Chaudhuri and others also got a well deserved recognition.

Let us see the impact of PKL in the Kabaddi World Cup and performance of India:

  1. Pro Kabaddi League first of all gave the raw Kabaddi talents a platform to showcase their talent. The action packed game of Kabaddi that was ignored so far, quickly saw a massive change and the players were benefited from this. The competition and the recognition has made kids to engage themselves in the game of Kabaddi.
  2. The game made the players to be equipped better. The improvement in life style and good coaching facilities grind the best out of the Indian players. Also the level of competition made them a more superior player in terms of quality.
  3. The rules of the KWC were similar to the PKL. So Indian players and other internationals who played in the franchise league were well aware of the rules and that was an advantage.
  4. A short time consuming action packed game took the game of Kabaddi to the drawing rooms of Indians and that clearly increased the enthusiasm of people. All the places of the PKL venues were full house, so that indicates the success of the organizers and reflects how well the game has emerged.
  5. The PKL gave the Indian team management to screen out the talents and get the best 14 among them for the World Cup, which was efficiently done and that has reflected in the result.
  6. Also some other players made their name in the PKL and continued to perform well in the grand stage. Jang Kun Lee of Bengal Warriors is a prime example who did exceedingly well for South Korea. Also Iranians Meraj Shyekh and Fazel Atracheli were brilliant for their team and both of them are key parts of their respective teams in PKL.

The game of Kabaddi has come up with a new flair to the Indian crowd, it has been a grand success for PKL and now in the Kabaddi World Cup as well. It is our national game and it had no advertising before, but PKL has changed it all. The future of the game is bright, hopefully the emergence continues.