A look back : Kane’s top 5 WWE matches in his 19 year career


October 5, 2016 marked the 19th anniversary of ‘The Red Big Monster’ Kane.

Kane made his iconic WWE debut at Badd Blood : In Your House in 1997, the main event of the evening was the first ever Hell In A Cell match between Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker. After a bloody, brutal match The Undertaker was on the verge of a historic win right when the lights in the arena went out and organ music started to play. Within seconds red light filled the arena and out came Paul Bearer with Kane, Kane ripped the door of the Cell and ‘Tombstoned’ his kayfabe brother, costing him the match. Since then The Demon had plenty of brutal matches be it the bloody wars against Shane McMahon, the 2004 classics against Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels or be it the showdowns against The Undertaker. Thus, on his 19 years in the WWE let us take a look at Kane’s top 5 matches so far.

Honorable Mentions:

Kane vs Stone Cold Steve Austin (WWF Championship) – King of the Ring 1998:

At KOTR 1998, Kane won his first WWF Championship in brutal fashion, beating Stone Cold in a first blood match. The match itself was good, with interference from Mankind first and then The Undertaker who came down the ring with a steel chair in order to help Austin but ended up hitting Austin with the chair accidentally, causing him to bleed and thus helping Kane to win the WWF Championship for the first time. Truly a historic moment.

Match No.5:

Brothers of Destruction vs Two-Man Power Trip (WWE Championship, Intercontinental Championship and WWE Tag Team Championship) – Backlash 2001

At Backlash 2001 the team of Triple H and Stone Cold faced The Brothers of Destruction with all the gold in line.

The bout started with The Undertaker getting the upper-hand for his team, after dominating both Austin and Triple H. Mid-way point of the match both Austin and Triple H started to fight back and started working better as a team, and dominated Taker’. Undertaker fought back and tagged in Kane, who wasted little time and capitalized, but couldn’t keep up the momentum as Austin and Triple H attacked Kane’s already injured left arm with a steel chair. Kane made a hot tag to Undertaker who came in and started tossing around both men. In the closing stages Undertaker and Austin continued to brawl in the audience, meanwhile Kane got outnumbered when Stephanie and Vince McMahon interfered in the match. Kane hit Stephanie with a big boot, but Triple H hit Kane twice with his sledgehammer for the win.

Match No.4:

Kane vs Big Show vs Raven (Hardcore Championship)- Wrestlemania X-7

This match was a wild brawl. Kane, Big Show and Raven fought each other all over the arena, with most of the actions taking place backstage. One the most popular spots from the match was Kane putting Raven through a glass window. The three men even chased each other even in golf carts. In the final stages Kane jumped from stage ramp on top of both Raven and Big Show and got the win and won the Hardcore Title.

Match No.3:

Team Hell No & Ryback vs The Shield- TLC 2012

Team Hell No was one of the most popular and over tag teams in WWE. The pair of Kane and Daniel Bryan were tag team champions at that time and got into a feud with one of the most hottest acts in wrestling history, in form of The Shield. This was Shield’s debut match in WWE. A very fast paced match with some brilliant hardcore action. There were some crazy spots in the match. The Shield put Ryback through the announce table with their trademark triple powerbomb, and Reigns even speared Kane through the barricades. In the closing stages, Ryback put Rollins through a number of tables on the outside. Meanwhile in the ring, Ambrose and Reigns powerbombed Daniel Bryan through a table for the win.

Match No.2:

Kane vs Triple H (Intercontinental Championship)- Judgment Day 2001

Kane and Triple H had a very memorable rivalry in the WWE. Starting from the bizarre ‘Katie Vick’ storyline to Evolution tormenting Kane to take off his mask. At Judgment Day, 2001, The Demon and The Game had one of the best chain matches of all time. The match started with Triple H dominating Kane and attacking Kane’s injured left arm with a steel chair. After dominating the opening stages, Kane started to fight back into the match and soon busted Triple H’s forehead wide open. Kane used the chain as his weapon of destruction, and soon Stone Cold made his way out to the ring but Kane somehow managed to get rid of Austin. Stone Cold came back in the ring with a steel chair and accidently hit Triple H instead and Kane got the pinfall to win the IC Title.

Match No.1:

30 men Royal Rumble- Royal Rumble 2001

This was by far Kane’s best and most memorable WWE match. Kane would dominate the match and would eliminate a total of 11 superstars. The final four of the match consisted of Kane, The Rock, Stone Cold and Billy Gunn. In the closing stages Rock and Austin teamed up on Kane and tried to eliminate him, Kane though got the upper-hand and got rid of Rock. Kane soon made his way outside and grabbed a steel chair. Kane tried to hit Austin but Austin managed to avoid it and hit Kane with a ‘Stunner’ followed by three chair shots to the head and then eliminated him with a clothesline. Kane lasted about 54 minutes and broke Hulk Hogan’s record for most eliminations in a Rumble match.

For almost 19 years now Glenn Jacobs has entertained his fans all over the world, and will continue to do so for years to come. Definitely a Legend of the business.

Photo by Snerkie