The Rules you need to know about Kabaddi World Cup 2016


As the Kabaddi World Cup is approaching fast, let’s take a look at the formats and rules of this year’s tournament.

All teams are divided into two groups of six teams each. They will take part in a Round Robin league format where the top two teams of each group will advance to the semi-finals.

The winners of the two semi-finals will then go on to play in the finals on October 22nd.


  • In the group stages, the winning team will score 5 league points; and the losing team will score zero point, if the margin of victory is more than 7 points.
  • In the group stages, the winning team will score 5 league points; and the losing team will score 1 point, if the victory margin is 7 or less than 7 points.
  • In case of a tie, both teams will get 3 points each.
  • In case of a tie, during the group stages, the team to qualify for the semi-final will be decided by the differential score calculated as the difference between total points won and total points conceded. The team with a higher differential score will qualify for the semi-final. So the points difference is going to be vital and team will have to avoid loosing by huge margins.
  • In case of a tie even after differential score has been considered, only total points scored will be considered and the team that has scored more points will qualify for the semi-finals.


During the semi-finals and the finals, if at the end of 40 minutes the scores are tied, Extra Time is announced.

  • Extra Time of 7 minutes shall be awarded to decide the result of the match.
  • Extra Time of 7 minutes will be divided in 2 halves of 3 minutes each with a break of 1 minute in between the two halves.
  • The teams will have a fresh start with seven players of their choice (from out of the playing 12) on each side.
  • No ‘Time-Out’ for coaching will be given during the extra time to the teams. Each team may avail two coach consultations during the extra time with the permission of the Line Umpire & Assistant Scorer.
  • Only one substitution will be allowed to each team during the extra time. Teams may substitute players during the break time of 1 minute which will not be counted as part of the 1 substitution permitted during game time of 6 minutes.
  • One Team (TV) Review will be allowed to each team during extra time
  • If at the end of extra 7 minutes, the game is still tied, Golden Raid rule will apply as follows.


In the event of a tie at end of Extra Time, the Golden Raid comes into play-

The referee will conduct a fresh toss. The team that wins the toss will have the chance to perform a GOLDEN RAID: A winner takes all raid, where the team that scores more points than the other, in that single raid, will be declared the winner.

  • Both the teams will field 7 Players in the Half.
  • The baulk line shall be treated as Bonus Line and all the Bonus point rules shall be followed.
  • If there is a tie after the first Golden Raid, then the opponent team will get a chance for the Golden Raid.
  • If the game is still tied after both teams have been given a chance for Golden Raid, the winner will then be decided by a toss.
  • The out or revival rule will not be applicable, only points scored will be counted.
    Source: Official Website of Kabaddi World Cup

Photo by Doha 2006