Qweekly : A quiz on the US Open


For the tennis enthusiasts, it’s time for the fourth and last Grand Slam of the year. As the US Open fortnight starts today, Qweekly brings you some ten trivia in the form of a quiz to check your knowledge about the sport and the event. Take the quiz and check your score.



  1. Name the youngest male singles champion at the US Open.
  2. The US Open is the only Grand Slam tournament to have been played on three different surfaces since its inception in 1881. Apart from hard court that it is now played on since a change of venue in 1978, what are the two different surfaces that the tournament was being played on earlier?
  3. In 2006, the tournament became the first Grand Slam event to use a particular thing that later went on to revolutionize the game in future. Can you say what was it?
  4. Since the US National Championship was rechristened to the US Open in 1968 with the advent of open era when the Grand Slams allowed professionals to participate, who was the first winner of the US Open?
  5. In the open era, which player (irrespective of gender) has won the maximum number of singles’ titles?
  6. In the open era, which player has won the most titles at the US Open (singles, doubles and mixed combined)?
  7. In the 1974 men’s singles final, Jimmy Connors and Ken Rosewall faced each other. What was the specialty of the match?
  8. Recently, Andy Murray became the holder of an unwanted record by reaching the final most times of a Grand Slam event without winning the title even once. He boasts of 5 runners-up plate at the Australian Open. He broke the record of a man who played and lost all 4 finals at the USO. Can you name him?
  9. Chris O’Neil, Mary Pierce, Ann Haydon-Jones and another fourth female tennis personality will complete this exhaustive and unique list. Can you name her who is obviously more popular than the other three in this club?
  10. Apart from tennis, which other sport too have a major in the same name?




  1. Pete Sampras who was aged 19 years and 28 days at the time of winning his very first US Open title. Later he went on to win four more in his career. Tracy Austin was the youngest female to achieve the same at 16 years and 8 months.
  2. The US Open was played on grass from 1881 to 1974, and on green clay from 1975 to 1977.
  3. In 2006, the US Open became the first Grand Slam tournament to use Hawk-Eye to review umpire calls. The technology uses six cameras from around the court to track the movement of the ball and later all the six images are combined to form an accurate 3D illustration of the course of the ball. 
  4. Arthur Ashe. The first coloured American to win a Grand Slam later went on to win the Australian Open and the Wimbledon as well.
  5. It’s a tie between Chris Evert and Serena Williams. Both have won six titles each at New York. In men’s singles, Jimmy Connors, Pete Sampras and Roger Federer – all have five titles a piece.
  6. Martina Navratilova. She has won 4 singles, 9 doubles and 3 mixed doubles for a total of 16 titles. The men’s equivalent is Bob Bryan who won 5 doubles and 4 mixed for a total of 9 titles.
  7. A 21-year old Connors handed a thrashing to a 39-year old veteran Rosewall – the latter could win only 2 games in the championship match that last just 78 minutes. It is recorded to be the shortest ever men’s singles final match in a Grand Slam event. The ultimate score line was 6-1, 6-0, 6-1 to Connors.
  8. Björn Borg. The Swede, 6-time French Open and 5-time Wimbledon champion, lost two finals each to the American duo Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe.
  9. Serena Williams. She is the last American to win the US Open women’s singles. Likewise, Chris O’Neil, Mary Pierce and Ann Haydon-Jones were the last Australian, French and British to win the respective Slams in their home country.
  10. Golf. However calendar-wise, it is the second major in golf (unlike the fourth in tennis) and takes place in between the second and third week of June.

Photo by Christian Mesiano